China Trademark Search

China Trademark Application

We refine the trademark registration application in mainland China. The total price includes our lawyer charges and the government fee, presuming no rejection or resistance. We also care for trademark situations in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau.

Trademark Applicant Changes

In case of feasible adjustment in your name or address, the China Law of Trademark requires that a corresponding adjustment procedure be requested for the trademark to prevent any unfavorable impact on the trademark.

Trademark Cancellation

Anyone can file for its termination at the FREEWIND when a registered trademark hasn’t been used in 3 years. This ups the likelihood of your trademark enrollment and prevents rivals.

Trademark Registration in China

China Trademark Opposition

Trademark resistance analysis and defense against the resistance
If you are discontented with the rejection of your enrollment, you might apply for a rejection evaluation with the Chinese government to restore your chances of achieving the registration process.

Declaring Trademark Opposition

These records can give you with thorough defense for the trademark that can permit you to evade unnecessary litigation and conflicts.
Submit Trademark Opposition
You may file for resistance on others’ enrollment, under legal premises, with the trademark office to avoid complication and infringement.
China Trademark Renewal as well as Refusal

Trademark Refusal & Analysis

The Trademark Refusal does not indicate that your trademark can not get registered. However, our lawyer can help examine the factor for rejection. The lawyer will undoubtedly provide professional recommendations and ideas to get over the rejection and obtain your mark signed up if the factor for rejection is not reasonable.

Trademark Review and Adjudication

You may submit a rejection testimonial to the Chinese government to restore your possibility of completing the enrollment procedure if you are discontented with the denial of your enrollment.

ChinaTrademark Renewal

Registered Trademark in China lasts for 10 years and should be used for renewal to stay clear of invalidation. China trademark office ensures that trademark registration as a foreigner is protected and administrated by the China National Intellectual Property Administration

Process to register a Trademark in China

We process the trademark registration application in China. The Trademark Refusal does not indicate that your trademark can not get signed up. Trademark applications that pass an initial screening are published by the Trademark Office as well as subject to a three-month duration for argument. If there are no arguments within this three-month period, or if the Chinese Trademark Office declines the arguments as pointless, the trademark is signed up. The trademark needs to not contrast with an existing Chinese trademark, as well as it should be unique.

China Trademark Search FAQ

The benefits of signing up for a Trademark in China consist of:

  • Enrollment might be submitted to stop the importation of infringing foreign goods.
  • Enrollment can be used as a basis for obtaining registration in other countries.
  • First-to-file, not first-to-use, will be more likely to declare the trademark’s possession.
  • Nationwide recognition of the trademark owner’s insurance claim.
  • China Trademark Objection and denials

Trademark applications that pass initial testing are released by the Trademark Office and based on a three-month duration for objection. If there are no arguments within this three-month duration, or if the Chinese Trademark Office denies the arguments as frivolous, the trademark is signed up. If the Chinese Trademark Office supports an argument, it will refute the application. Denied applications may interest the State Administration of Industry and Commerce Trademark Review & Approval Board and the People’s Court. Objections to hallmarks are relatively uncommon.

A Chinese trademark offers foreign businesses an unusual amount of protection in China. It offers several activities if an international business finds out that its trademark is infringing in China.
The foreign trademark owner must generally submit a legal action against the infringer, looking for damages and an order stopping the infringer from proceeding to offer the infringing goods. The Chinese courts in the lot more commercialized areas are really rather eager to apply China’s trademark legislations, even for foreign firms. Trademark infringement is a criminal activity in China. For serious cases of violation, a problem in the workplace of the public prosecutor can often cause a criminal prosecution against the infringer. The Chinese cops will certainly shut the offending operation as well as confiscate the fake products. The courts are accredited to impose both penalties as well as jail time. If the counterfeit products are destined for export, a notification to the Chinese personalized authorities will protect against the export of the counterfeit goods.

The advantages of signing up for a Trademark in China

    1. Registration may be filed to avoid the importation of infringing foreign items.
    2. Registration can be used as a basis for getting enrollment in various other countries.
    3. First-to-file, not first-to-use, will most likely declare the trademark’s possession.
    4. Nationwide recognition of the trademark owner’s insurance claim.

    China Trademark squatting

    Several individuals in China make their living by taking over international hallmarks and, after that offering a license to that trademark to the original permit holder (the foreign firm). Like much of the globe, China is an “initial to submit” country, which implies whoever files a trademark or professional name initially in a certain category usually finishes up possessing that trademark.

    The media have published several stories deriding China’s intellectual property defense; those posts almost constantly fall short of stating that in many circumstances involving trademarks, the fault exists with the international business, not with Chinese enforcement. A foreign company that falls short of registering its hallmarks in China has no genuine right to whine about any kind of “infringement” there. To anticipate security, international firms need to register their hallmarks in China, and the prudent company does this before entering.

    The truth that you are producing your product in China simply for export does not decrease the requirement for you to secure your trademark in any method. When a person signs up “your” trademark in China, they have the power to stop your items at the boundary and also prevent them from leaving China.
    China’s trademark requirements are, in fact, somewhat comparable to those in most various other countries. The trademark should not clash with an existing Chinese trademark and must be distinctive. China allows for enrollment of all marks for goods, services, collective marks, and qualification marks.


    China Trademark Classes

    There are 45 classes of trademark , please see the list below

    China Trademark Classes

    Class 1
    Chemicals made use in photography, science, and industry, along with in farming, gardening, as well as forestry; unprocessed fabricated resins, unprocessed plastics; manures; fire snuffing out structures; tempering and also soldering preparations; chemical substances for maintaining foods items; tanning materials; adhesives utilized in the market; unrefined plastics in the type of chips, granules or fluids.
    Class 2
    Paints, varnishes, lacquers; preservatives against rust and also versus damage of wood; colorants; mordants; all-natural raw materials; steels in aluminum foil and also powder type for painters, musicians, printers, as well as decorators.
    Class 3
    Lightening prep work and other compounds for washing use; cleaning, polishing, scouring, and unpleasant prep work; soaps; perfumery, essential oils, cosmetics, hair creams; dentifrices.
    Class 4
    Industrial oils as well as greases; lubes; dust absorbing, moistening, and binding compositions; gas and also illuminants; candles and wicks for illumination; flammable fuels, electrical power, and fragrant candles.
    Class 5
    Drug and also vet prep work; sanitary preparations for medical functions; dietetic food as well as compounds adapted for veterinary or medical use, food for babies; dietary supplements for animals and also people; plasters, products for dressings; products for quitting teeth, dental wax; anti-bacterial; preparations for ruining vermin; fungicides, herbicides.
    Class 6
    Typical steels as well as their alloys; metal building products; transportable structures of steel; materials of metal for train tracks; non-electric cable televisions and also cables of typical steel; ironmongery, little things of metal hardware; pipes and tubes of steel; safes; goods of common metal not included in other courses; ores; unwrought and partially wrought common steels; metal doors and windows; metal mounted sunrooms.
    Class 7
    Equipment and equipment devices; engines and motors (besides land cars); equipment combining and also transmission elements (besides land vehicles); agricultural carries out other than hand-operated; incubators for eggs; automated vending makers.
    Class 8
    Hand devices and hand-operated carries out; flatware; side arms; razors; electric razors, and also hair cutters.
    Class 9
    Scientific, maritime, evaluating, photographic, cinematographic, optical, considering, gauging, signaling, checking (supervision), life-saving, as well as mentor apparatus and also tools; device and also tools for carrying out, switching, transforming, building up, managing, or regulating power; device for recording, transmission or recreation of sound or photos; magnetic information service providers, taping discs; CDs, DVDs as well as other digital recording media; devices for the coin-operated device; money signs up, calculating types of equipment, data processing devices, computers; computer system software; fire-extinguishing apparatus.
    Class 10
    Surgical, clinical, oral, and also vet devices and tools, man-made arm or legs, eyes, as well as teeth; orthopedic articles; stitch materials; sex help; massage apparatus; helpful plasters; furnishings adapted for clinical usage.
    Class 11
    Apparatus for illumination, home heating, heavy steam getting, cooking, refrigerating, drying out, aerating, water supply, as well as hygienic functions; a/c apparatus; electric kettles; gas as well as electric stoves; car lights and lorry cooling devices.
    Class 12
    Automobiles; apparatus for mobility by air, land, or water; wheelchairs; motors and also engines for land cars; lorry body components and transmissions.
    Class 13
    Weapons; ammo and projectiles, nitroglycerins; fireworks.
    Class 14
    Rare-earth elements and their alloys; jewelry, outfit jewelry, jewels; horological and chronometric watches, clocks, and also instruments.
    Class 15
    Musical tools; stands and cases adapted for music tools.
    Class 16
    Paper, cardboard, as well as goods made from these products, not included in various other courses; printed issues; bookbinding product; pictures; stationery; adhesives for stationery or house purposes; musicians’ materials; paint brushes; typewriters as well as workplace essentials (other than furnishings); training as well as teaching material (except device); plastic products for packaging (not included in other classes); printers’ type; printing blocks.
    Class 17
    Rubber, gutta-percha, periodontal, asbestos, mica, as well as goods made from these products; plastics in extruded kind for use in manufacture; semi-finished plastics products for use in additional manufacture; stopping and insulating products; flexible non-metallic pipelines.
    Class 18
    Leather and also replicas of natural leather; animal skins, conceal; trunks and taking a trip bags; purses, backpacks, handbags; umbrellas, parasols, as well as walking sticks; whips, harness, as well as saddlery; garments for animals.
    Class 19
    Non-metallic building products; non-metallic inflexible pipes for structure; bitumen, pitch, and asphalt; non-metallic easily transportable buildings; non-metallic monuments; non-metallic mounted doors, conservatories, and windows.
    Class 20
    Furniture, mirrors, picture frames; short articles made from wood, cork, reed, walking cane, wicker, horn, bone, ivory, whalebone, shell, brownish-yellow, mother-of-pearl, meerschaum, or plastic, which do not consist in other courses; garden furniture; cushions and also pillows.
    Class 21
    Household or kitchen utensils and containers; combs and also sponges; brushes (except paintbrushes); brush-making materials; posts for cleaning up objectives; steel woolen; posts made from porcelains, glass, porcelain, or earthenware which are not consisted of in various other courses; electric and non-electric toothbrushes.
    Class 22
    Ropes, string, nets, outdoor tents, awnings, tarpaulins, sails, sacks for delivering bulk products; padding as well as stuffing materials that are not made from rubber or plastics; raw fibrous textile materials.
    Class 23
    Threads as well as threads for textile usage.
    Class 24
    Textiles and fabric goods; bed and also table covers; tourists’ rugs, fabrics for making write-ups of garments; duvets; covers for pillows, duvets, or paddings.
    Class 25
    Clothing, footwear, headwear.
    Class 26
    Lace and needlework, ribbons as well as braid; switches, hooks as well as eyes, pins as well as needles; fabricated blossoms.
    Class 27
    Carpets, rugs, mats, as well as matting, linoleum, as well as various other materials for covering existing floorings; wall hangings (non-textile); wallpaper.
    Class 28
    Games and toys; playing cards; gymnastics and showing off articles; designs for Christmas trees; youngsters’ toy bicycles.
    Class 29
    Meat, video game, fish, as well as poultry; meat essences; maintained, dried out, as well as prepared fruits as well as vegetables; jellies, jams, compotes; eggs, milk, as well as milk products; edible oils and also fats; prepared meals; soups and potato crisps.
    Class 30
    Coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, rice, tapioca, sago, artificial coffee; flour and also preparations made from cereals, bread, confectionery and pastry, edible ices; honey, treacle; yeast, baking powder; salt, mustard; vinegar, sauces (spices); spices; ice; sandwiches; ready meals; pizzas, pies, and also pasta recipes.
    Class 31
    Agricultural, gardening, and also forestry items; live pets; fresh vegetables and fruits, seeds, all-natural plants, and blossoms; food items for pets; malt; food as well as drinks for animals.
    Class 32
    Beers; mineral and aerated waters; non-alcoholic beverages; fruit drinks and also fruit juices; syrups for making drinks; shandy, de-alcoholized drinks, non-alcoholic beers, as well as a glass of wines.
    Class 33
    Alcohols (other than beers); an alcoholic glass of wines; liqueurs as well as spirits; alcopops; alcoholic cocktails.
    Class 34
    Tobacco; smokers’ write-ups; suits; lighters for smokers.
    Class 35
    Advertising; organization management; service administration; office features; company, procedure, and also guidance of loyalty as well as motivation systems; marketing services offered using the Internet; manufacturing of tv and radio ads; accountancy; auctioneering; profession fairs; viewpoint ballot; information handling; the arrangement of service details; retail services have gotten in touch with the sale of [checklist details products]
    Class 36
    Insurance coverage; economic services; property agency solutions; structure society services; financial; stockbroking; economic services given through the Internet; releasing of symbols of worth in regard to benefit and also loyalty plans; provision of financial information.
    Class 37
    Building and construction; fixing; setup services; installment, maintenance, and also repair of computer system equipment; painting as well as decorating; cleaning services.
    Class 38
    Telecom solutions; chatroom solutions; portal services; e-mail solutions; supplying customer accessibility to the Internet; radio and also tv broadcasting.
    Class 39
    Transport; packaging and storage space of items; travel plan; circulation of electrical power; traveling details; provision of automobile vehicle parking facilities.
    Class 40
    Treatment of products; growth, replicating, and also the printing of photos; generation of electricity.
    Class 41
    Education; providing of training; enjoyment; sporting as well as cultural activities.
    Class 42
    Scientific as well as technical services and study and design associating thereto; industrial evaluation as well as study services; design as well as the growth of computer hardware and also software; computer shows; installment, maintenance, as well as repair service of computer system software; computer consultancy services; style, drawing, and commissioned writing for the collection of internet sites; developing, preserving and also hosting the internet site of others; style solutions.
    Class 43
    Providers for providing food as well as a beverage; short-term holiday accommodation; dining establishment, bar, as well as catering services; the arrangement of holiday lodging; scheduling and also reservation solutions for dining establishments as well as vacation accommodation; retired life house solutions; creche services.
    Class 44
    Clinical solutions; vet solutions; sanitary and elegant take care of human beings or pets; agriculture, cultivation, and also forestry services; dentistry solutions; medical analysis for the diagnosis and also therapy of individuals; drug store advice; yard style solutions.
    Class 45

    Legal services; conveyancing services; social work services; consultancy services relating to health and safety; security services for the protection of property and individuals; funeral services and undertaking services; fire-fighting services; detective agency service consultancy services relating to personal appearance; provision of personal tarot readings; dating services ices.