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Corporation China 20th Anniversary

Beijing Beginnings – A Tapestry of Innovation and Connections

Beijing Beginnings – A Tapestry of Innovation and Connections

 In the heart of bustling Beijing, 2004 witnessed the unassuming birth of Corporation China (CCIG). It was not a grand unveiling but a modest office space, four determined individuals, and a bold vision to bridge the chasm between Western enterprises and the burgeoning Chinese market.

CEO Marco Pearman-Parish often reminisced about those early days. “We are pioneers,” he’d proclaim, “one of the first to have an English website that made sense.” That website, a symphony of vibrant design and comprehensive information, became a guiding light for foreign companies navigating the intricacies of Chinese company setup.

 Pioneered the concept of a registered address

Back then, the process was arduous and convoluted. Establishing a company could easily take six to twelve months or more. It involved securing physical office spaces (often in less-than-ideal conditions), grappling with bureaucratic red tape, and overcoming the formidable language barrier. We recognized this as a major deterrent for potential investors.

Thus, we embarked on a journey of innovation. We pioneered the concept of a “registered address,” a virtual office solution that ingeniously circumvented the need for physical premises. It was a game-changer, slashing setup times in half, then down to a few months, and eventually, even in Shanghai, to an astonishing one week.

 Partnership Relationships Guanxi

Our success, however, transcended mere innovation. It hinged on cultivating relationships – guanxi. This oft-misconstrued concept isn’t about clandestine deals; it’s about forging genuine connections, fostering mutual respect, and cultivating deep understanding. We nurtured robust relationships with government officials, esteemed law firms (Yingke Law Firm, Yingke Matix, Dentons, etc.), and other influential stakeholders. This empowered us to streamline processes, champion our client’s interests, and ultimately accelerate their triumph in China.

Empower your team

As we flourished, so did our team. We expanded our horizons beyond company registration, venturing into the dynamic realms of marketing and media, attracting exceptional talent from all walks of life. Marco fervently believed in investing in people, not just companies. “Empower your team,” he would assert, “and they’ll empower your business.”

One such inspiring tale was that of Andy, a young construction worker who initially spoke no English. Marco took him under his wing, mentoring him and providing invaluable growth opportunities. Years later, Andy would go on to orchestrate the launch of Taylor Swift’s merchandise in China, working seamlessly with his US-based team, designing captivating merchandise, and establishing successful Tmall and JDmall stores, even spearheading a JDMALL launch in the US.

 20 years later

These narratives stand as a testament to the potency of human connection, nurturing latent potential, and embracing China’s unique trials and triumphs. As Corporation China commemorates its 20th anniversary, we reflect upon these formative years with immense pride, recognizing that they laid the bedrock for the thriving, innovative enterprise we are today.

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