Exclusive Executive Society was established in 2020 under the leadership of Jean-Christophe Gaffer, Pierre Morin, Pierre Buxeda, and Marco Pearman-Parish, all business leaders in their fields, as the first C-suite organization executive for Fortune 500, SMB, and SMEs. Membership in the Exclusive Executive Society (EES) is by invitation only. It is intended to enhance the experience by recognizing industrial champions for their leadership and providing additional opportunities for networking and global education experiences.
Members only can introduce new members and can attend other EES clubs in other cities and regions.
EES is one of the only organizations where members can engage with their peers across many industries, draw on their experience, and solve issues together.

 The Vision of Exclusive Executive Society


To bring all the decision makers together independently nationalities, industries, or size of the company, as long as they maintain good ethics, behaviors, and responsibilities internally and with all EES members.

Founder Jean-Christophe Gaffie said in a statement that his vision is to take the club globally in 2022 and enable members to have a global footprint and insight into various counties and industries.

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