JD.com to launch Taylor Swift Online Fashion Store in China

Taylor Swift’s Exclusive China Launch with Corporation China.

In a strategic move to combat the rampant unauthorized merchandise in the Chinese market, Taylor Swift is set to launch an exclusive clothing line in collaboration with China’s leading e-commerce companies, JD.com Inc. and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. The renowned pop singer has partnered with Heritage66 Company, a Nashville-based branding company, to represent her in this venture and bring her brand to the Chinese market.
JD.com will be the first authorized seller of Taylor Swift merchandise in China, introducing an online store featuring a new fashion line by the music sensation. Richard Liu, JD.com founder and CEO, expressed excitement about becoming the sole online source for authentic Taylor Swift merchandise. The clothing line will include dresses, sweatshirts, and tops designed exclusively for the Chinese market with input from local consumers. The collaboration aims not only to provide fans with genuine products but also to combat the unauthorized sale of merchandise bearing Taylor Swift’s name.

Taylor Swift's Exclusive China Launch with Corporation China - fashion

Taylor Swift to launch exclusive clothing line in China

The partnership with JD.com is a strategic move for both parties. Taylor Swift’s immense popularity in China, coupled with JD.com’s extensive reach, positions the collaboration to capitalize on the growing fan base in the country. The launch of the exclusive line precedes Taylor Swift’s “1989” World Tour Concert scheduled for November 10-12 in Shanghai, adding excitement to the anticipation of the tour.
The success of Taylor Swift’s 1989 album, which sold almost 1.3 million copies in its first week, underscores the artist’s global appeal. With her current single, “Bad Blood,” continuing to top the charts, the collaboration with JD.com is expected to elevate her brand in the Chinese market further.

Jennifer Kaplan at Bloomberg News reports that this expansion is part of Taylor Swift’s broader strategy to extend her empire to China. The collaboration with JD.com positions the American singer in a competitive stance against e-commerce giant Alibaba, with both companies vying for market share in the lucrative Chinese market.

Corporation China played a crucial role in Taylor Swift’s brand launch in China.

Corporation China played a crucial role in Taylor Swift’s brand launch in China, working alongside Rage Models China and Brand Asia to design Tmall and JD mall stores. A fashion show in Hong Kong, held during the Hong Kong Fashion Week, showcased Taylor Swift’s newly launched clothing line for the Chinese market. The event, organized by Corporation China and Heritage66, featured a mix of spring and fall merchandise, including cropped T-shirts, body-hugging minidresses, and slim pants adorned with the singer’s name or initials.

The clothing line’s success on JD.com and Tmall platforms is evident, with Kate Liegey, Chief Operating Officer of Heritage66, describing the line’s initial weeks as “phenomenal.” The show in Hong Kong attracted interest from retailers worldwide, highlighting the global demand for Taylor Swift’s brand.

“In a promotional video, Taylor Swift greets her Chinese fans with a ‘Ni Hao’ (Hello in Chinese) while donning a tank top that reads ‘CHINA 2015.’ She encourages her audience to explore her new authentic merchandise, now accessible in China. Rage Studios and RageModels executed the production and design for Taylor Swift’s brand in China, available on Tmall and JDmall and at her Shanghai concert.”


Taylor Swift China Launch Video

Taylor Swift to launch an exclusive clothing line in China with Corporation China. Corporation China was involved in the design and manufacture of the merchandise and also designed and launched the JD and Tmall store

Taylor Swift’s collaboration with JD.com and Corporation China marks a significant step in expanding her brand in the lucrative Chinese market. The exclusive clothing line tailored for local consumers, strategic partnerships, and successful launches position Taylor Swift for continued success in the global fashion industry.

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