A Reality Show Launching China’s Rising Professional Platform

New York, NY – July 7, 2024 – Television personality Josh Wellington and YouTube star Jamie Dumity Parish, known for his channel “I am Jamie Now,” are teaming up for a brand new reality show titled “” Filmed in Shanghai, the show will be hosted by Josh and Jamie and directed by Jamie’s father, Marco Pearman Parish. Aspiring entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas to a panel of successful investors in hopes of securing funding.

More Than Just a Reality Show

“” is not just a show; it’s the name of a platform inspired by programs like Dragon’s Den. Designed to connect professionals and foster business growth in China, will be further established through the show, which will air on its dedicated channel, Chingedin News Asia (CNA).

A High-Profile Investment Panel

The producers are setting the bar high hope of inviting a potential investment panel featuring tech magnate Elon Musk (not confined), entrepreneur Gavin Marshall, Jason Blick (CEO of Eqibank), and Adam Palmer (CFO of Group Force Partners Alliance, or GFPA). Marco Pearman Parish, the co-founder of both and GFPA, and Corporation China Investment Group (CCIG) and CCGI News, will also participate. Their combined experience will provide invaluable guidance to the competing entrepreneurs.

China’s Answer to LinkedIn?

With’s emergence, the question arises: could it be China’s answer to LinkedIn? While details are still unfolding, “” has the potential to become a major player in the professional networking landscape of China.

Filming Begins Soon

Filming for “” is set to begin in Shanghai this August. With a star-studded cast, a unique concept, and the potential to revolutionize China’s business world, “” is a reality show to watch.

About empowers young Chinese people to take charge of their careers. As Marco Parish says, it’s their time to “stand up!” Jamie Parish echoes this sentiment, urging them to “wake up the captain” before it’s “too lateee.”

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