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As a foreigner, how do I start up a physical business in China? Is there a general procedure to follow?

Well it depends on what type of company that you wish to set up of course.

To have a physical presence in China that could be in a office or shop or possibly a gym there is a simple procedure to follow:

Step 1 : Location of course is very important picking a great place to set up your shop or office ( I might be biased but I think Shanghai is a great place and also for foreigners and also a very easy place to live)

Step 2 : Depending on the type of company that you want to set up in China getting some Legal Advice would go a long way, as the Chinese legal system and Company regulations could be quite complicated if you not in the know.

Step 3 : Once you know the legal part of setting up an office in China, then can establish a China Limited Liability Company called a wholly-owned foreign Enterprise (WOFE).

A WOFE is a limited liability company and it’s quite easy to set up if you have the right company to help you in this regard.

Step 4 : In some instances you will need to rent a physical office or in case of a restaurant find a suitable location to establish the restaurant

Step 5 : China Marketing is really important in any country and in China will be in Chinese and in China they use different types of marketing tools for social media ( there is no Facebook,Twitter or even Google ) so for your new business in China would promote it on Chinese social media like Weibo, Baidu and Wechat to mention a few.

So let’s see where we can help :


Step 1 – we have 42 office in China so wherever you choose we will be there to help

Step 2Corporation China is part of the largest Law firm in Asia Pacific – Yingke Law firm ( check wikipedia ) so the legal advice to start up your company in China , is covered and it also Free

Step 3Corporation China set up the most companies in China , so we good at it and also we the only firm with our own zones that help foreigners enter into the market easy and affordable. We also one of the fastest from 7 days in some locations. You can contact us for a proposal

Step 4 – For most companies in China we can provide a Registered Address which acts as the office to register the company, so you Don’t Need to rent a physical office. Corporation China is also One of the only firms in China that enables you to keep the registered address for the Lifetime of the company.

Step 5Brand Asia is part of our group, so we can put you in touch with the top marketing people in China to really get your business to the next level


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