Buy From China – Your remote  Supply Chain Management 

Simplify Your Chinese Sourcing  Without Ever Leaving Home

Does your company purchase parts, components, or finished products from Chinese manufacturers? Utilizing Corporation China’s Buy from China solution provides you with trusted experts on the ground to streamline sourcing, procurement, and supply chain management in China.


Vetting and matching reputable, capable suppliers for your specific needs


Overseeing product quality, development timelines and specifications


Managing logistics, importation and customs


Preventing issues and resolving problems


Negotiating pricing and contracts

Think China Business is Complex? We Might Change Your Mind.

buy from China

Kickstart your business journey in China and join our outstanding community of more than 1,500 clients

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Buy from China – Simplify Your Supply Chain

For companies sourcing products or components from China, managing the procurement process can be extremely cumbersome. But it doesn’t have to be.

Corporation China’s Buy from China service provides your own dedicated team in China to handle everything, from start to finish: vetting suppliers, overseeing production quality, negotiating better contracts, streamlining documentation, troubleshooting issues, and coordinating logistics and customs – essentially all aspects of sourcing, procurement and quality control.

This simplifies the entire process for you the client. We become your outsourced procurement department in China, so your team can focus on core priorities rather than supply chain headaches.

The Ideal Procurement Partner for Your Business in China

The Buy from China service is the ideal supply chain solution for a wide range of businesses and needs.

  • Source parts, components or products from Chinese manufacturers
  • Need OEM/ODM manufacturing support and customized product development
  • Want to reduce component and product costs through China sourcing
  • Require supply chain experts to properly vet suppliers and factories
  • Want assistance managing production quality and timelines
  • Need help streamlining the entire procurement process and documentation

Key Benefits of our​ remote Supply Chain Management

We streamline the entire procurement process, from sourcing through to documentation, freeing up your internal resources.


Supply Chain Optimization

Our experts enhance quality while reducing costs and lead times.


Supplier Verification

We thoroughly vet and qualify suppliers on capability, certifications, quality systems, etc.


Local Quality Inspections

Oversee production first-hand and conduct multi-stage QC audits.


Authorized Payments

Our team handles electronic payments and transactions with your suppliers securely.

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Avoid the Common Pitfalls of China Sourcing

Companies sourcing products, parts or components from China often encounter various challenges – but most are avoidable with the right local partner.

  • Vetting Credible Suppliers

Identifying reputable suppliers with proven capabilities on Alibaba or GlobalSources can be very hit or miss. We qualitatively vet suppliers based on certifications, facilities, quality control systems and traceable references.

  • Overseas Communication Barriers

Many Chinese manufacturers have limited English abilities, leading to confusion and issues lost in translation. Our bilingual team bridges the communication and cultural gaps seamlessly.

  • Production Quality Control

When you are not on the ground, it is difficult to verify production quality and that specifications are met. We oversee the process directly, conducting multi-stage inspections and audits.

  • Non-Compliance and Corner Cutting

Some Chinese factories cut corners to reduce costs, falling short of compliance, safety and quality benchmarks common overseas. We enforce compliance stringently.

  • Unauthorized Subcontracting

Your approved primary supplier may secretly subcontract parts of your work to unknown 3rd parties. We allow only pre-approved subcontractors on your behalf.

  • Payment Terms and Security

Wire transfers to China incur high bank fees and exchange rate losses. We negotiate better terms and handle payments securely via our local accounts.

steps to register a wfoe company in China

What Our Purchasing Solutions Include

Our end-to-end purchasing solutions provide the expertise and management you need to source high-quality products from China effectively. Our purchasing services include:

Supplier Sourcing and Validation

  • Leverage our extensive network to connect with ideal suppliers
  • Screen and validate suppliers to ensure they meet your requirements
  • Perform due diligence like factory audits and compliance check

Price Negotiations

  • Negotiate pricing, minimum order volumes, and payment terms
  • Secure the best price-to-quality ratio tailored to your needs

Quality Control

  • Sample inspections and approvals before production
  • Ongoing inspections during production at key milestones
  • Ensure finished goods meet your specifications

Order Monitoring

  • Track production timelines and flag any potential delays
  • Verify progress through photos, videos, and on-site checks
  • Proactively resolve any issues to prevent delays

Logistics Coordination

  • Coordinate shipping, customs clearance, duties, and delivery
  • Route shipments based on optimal cost, speed and safety

Payment Facilitation

  • Bridge communication gaps and mediate any payment issues
  • Ensure timely payment to suppliers per agreed terms

After-Sales Support

  • Help manage any returns, refunds, or other post-purchase issues
  • Address disputes or complaints quickly and smoothly

With end-to-end support, we enable you to efficiently source high-quality products from trusted Chinese suppliers at the optimal price point.

How Our Purchasing Service Works

Follow these simple steps to source high-quality products from China with ease:

Required Documentation for WFOE Company Formation In China

Step 1 – Define Requirements

  • Provide product specifications, volume needs, and any other requirements.
  • Highlight any quality standards, compliance needs, or other expectations.

Step 2 – Supplier Sourcing

  • We source the most suitable suppliers for your specifications from our extensive pre-vetted network.
  • We conduct due diligence, including compliance checks and on-site audits of factories.

Step 3 – Quotations & Selection

  • The best supplier candidates provide pricing quotes tailored to your needs.
  • We help you select the optimal supplier based on pricing, capabilities, and reliability.

Step 4 – Sample Approval

  • You’ll review initial product samples from the chosen supplier to ensure quality.
  • Feedback is provided to the supplier for any adjustments to meet standards.

Step 5 – Order Processing & Production

  • We oversee the production process, keeping you updated at key milestones.
  • We conduct regular quality control checks per an agreed inspection plan.

Step 6 – Shipping & Delivery

  • Upon your approval, we coordinate shipping, customs clearance, and delivery to your location.
  • Handover occurs, concluding the end-to-end purchasing process.

Start your Soursing in China

Let our experts tailor the optimal solution for your operations

Start your business journey in China and join our community of 1,500+ clients partnering with Corporation China.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Sales Office in China

What types of products can you source?

Virtually any component parts, raw materials, ingredients, commodities, electronics, finished products, custom OEM/ODM, etc.

Can you ship samples/prototypes fast?

Yes, we can facilitate fast turnaround of prototypes and pilot production runs for evaluation.

How does pricing compare to buying directly?

We often negotiate 10-15% savings compared to initial quotes suppliers give buyers contacting them directly.

Can you inspect quality during production?

Absolutely, we directly oversee the production process and conduct multi-stage inspection and testing.

Are your suppliers vetted for compliance?

We only work with suppliers following stringent regulatory, safety, labor, and environmental compliance protocols.

Can you handle branding & packaging customization?

Yes, we manage design finalization, trademark registration, printing, labeling and other finishing steps you require.

Do you assist with product development?

Definitely, we provide support for product design, prototyping, engineering, certification and taking innovations to manufacture.

How does payment to the suppliers work?

We pay suppliers directly through our local Chinese company bank account in RMB, keeping the process secure.

Do you support ongoing or high-volume procurement?

We absolutely provide ongoing support and can scale our team and resources to meet higher procurement volumes flexibly.

Not Ready to Start a Company?

China Presence

Be  in China without a physical office -  we represent you. 

  • Start in just 25 days
  • Dedicated China team to represent your company
  • Manage operations remotely
  • Maintain control of your brand image and IP
  • Minimize investment and risk

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