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Let Us Handle the Administrative Tasks While You Focus on Driving Growth

Corporation China’s TOTAL SUPPORT service provides end-to-end operational management for your business in China. Our comprehensive back office solutions ensure full statutory compliance, streamline administrative tasks, and enable you to focus on your core business objectives.


Accounting & Bookkeeping - We maintain your books per Chinese accounting standards and handle monthly/quarterly tax declarations.


Banking Support - We provide a dedicated cashier for your banking needs in China.


Reporting & Filings - We handle required government reporting and filings on your behalf.


Office Administration - We manage invoices, office supplies, courier services, and other administrative tasks.

Think Hiring in China is Complex? We Might Change Your Mind.

Back Office in china

Kickstart your business journey in China and join our outstanding community of more than 1,500 clients

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Scalable Solutions for Your China Operations

Start, Grow, and Optimize with Our Total Support

At Corporation China, we offer tailored packages to match your current operational needs and scale up as your China presence expands.

Total Support: Our Total Support service is our most comprehensive, end-to-end solution. It includes full back office services plus additional strategic support across all aspects of your China operations. With Total Support, we essentially serve as an extension of your in-house team.

Back Office Services: Our back office services focus specifically on essential administrative tasks like accounting, tax filing, HR, licensing, banking, etc. This allows you to outsource crucial operational functions while retaining strategic decision making in-house.

In summary:

  • Total Support is our full-scale operational support and management solution.
  • Back Office Services offer targeted assistance with key administrative tasks.

We recommend Total Support for companies seeking a fully integrated China partner to maximize in-country growth. Back Office Services provide flexible assistance for specific needs.


Total Support Packages: Our Total Support packages provide full-scope assistance from market entry through ongoing China growth. Services include:


Back Office Packages: Our Back Office packages allow you to outsource essential administrative tasks while retaining in-house strategic management. Services include:

Contact Corporation China to discuss the right package for your current business needs and future growth plans in China. Our experts will help you craft a scalable solution to drive success.

The Top Advantages of Our Integrated Support Services

If you’re expanding into China, our Back Office and TOTAL SUPPORT services offer compelling benefits:


Focus on Growth

By relying on our support, you can direct resources towards core business activities rather than administrative tasks. Our comprehensive assistance enables strategic growth.


Access Local Expertise

Our seasoned team has specialized knowledge of China’s complex regulatory and business landscape to keep you compliant.


Achieve Operational Efficiency

With us handling licensing, banking, accounting, HR and more, you can streamline operations and reduce costs. Our integrated support boosts efficiency.

A Step-by-Step Overview of the Corporation China Registration Procedure


At Corporation China, we understand that every company’s needs are unique when entering and operating in the Chinese market. That’s why we offer tailored packages to provide the exact level of support your business requires.

Tax & Accounting Services:

  • Update company books per Chinese Accounting Standards
  • Monthly financial statements for tax filing
  • Monthly business tax declaration
  • Quarterly corporate income tax declaration
  • Individual income tax declaration
  • Accounting report

Tax & Accounting Advanced Package:

Base package +


  • Registered address monthly maintenance
  • Balance sheet and income statement generation


Advance package +


  • Keeping of company licenses and stamps
  • Capital and basic bank account maintenance
  • Invoice machine management
  • Banking cashier service
  • Online banking support

Building Your business in China  Made Simple

Let Our Experts Guide You From Start to Success

Required Documentation for WFOE Company Formation In China

Simple monthly fee.

Tax & Accounting Services

From US$799.90**

One-time project fees.

Tax & Accounting Services

From US$799.90** per project

Total Support

From US$799.90** per project

**Pricing in US$ is for reference only. You will be charged the respective amount in the local currency.

Our Total Support service provides fully integrated assistance across all aspects of your China operations, from initial entry to optimized growth. Here’s an overview of our comprehensive end-to-end solutions:

  • Market Entry – We handle entity registration, licensing, recruitment, PR, strategy development and other launch essentials to hit the ground running.
  • Expansion – As you scale up, we help expand your team, office footprint, supply chain, and local brand recognition to spur rapid growth.
  • Compliance – Our experts ensure ongoing statutory compliance across accounting, tax, HR, IP, licenses and other regulatory needs.
  • Optimization – In later stages, we fine-tune your China operations through supply chain improvements, cost optimization, executive advisory services and more.

With Corporation China’s Total Support, you have a dedicated partner covering all your bases in China. We become an integrated extension of your in-house staff. Contact us to learn how our end-to-end solutions can maximize your China success, no matter which stage you currently are in.

Ready to Simplify Your China Operations

Partner with Corporation China for End-to-End Support

Start your business journey in China and join our community of 1,500+ clients partnering with Corporation China.

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FAQ About China Work Visa and Work Permit

What does your TOTAL SUPPORT service include?

TOTAL SUPPORT provides integrated back office support including tax/accounting, banking, licensing, IP protection, and more so you can focus on your core business in China.

How does the service help my China operations?

By handling administrative and compliance tasks, TOTAL SUPPORT enables you to allocate more resources towards strategic priorities to drive growth in China.

How are you staying updated on China's regulatory changes?

Our team proactively monitors legal and regulatory shifts to ensure continued compliance and provide guidance on required actions.

Can you customize support based on my needs?

Yes, we assign an Account Manager who gets to know your business and tailors TOTAL SUPPORT accordingly.

How can I access updates on my statutory records?

Our secure online platform provides real-time visibility into compliance activities when you need it.

How can you help with my China bank account?

We can set up your capital account, manage transactions, and provide cashier services for efficient banking.

Will my IP be protected?

Yes, our IP specialists handle registration, enforcement, litigation and other services to protect your intellectual property.

How long does it take to get started?

We can on-board you quickly and have you up and running with TOTAL SUPPORT within a few weeks in most cases.

What happens when I have questions?

Your dedicated Account Manager is available to address any questions or concerns around the clock.

Why choose Corporation China?

Our team has the experience and resources to seamlessly manage administrative burdens so you can focus on China growth.

Not Ready to Start a Company?

China Presence

Be  in China without a physical office -  we represent you. 

  • Start in just 25 days
  • Dedicated China team to represent your company
  • Manage operations remotely
  • Maintain control of your brand image and IP
  • Minimize investment and risk

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