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China Consulting Company Registration 2024.

The benefits of registering a consulting company in China.

No Real Office Needed.
No Registered Capital Required.
Set up in 30 working days.

Exclusive to Corporation China.

A China Consulting Company is a commonly used investment vehicle for mainland China-based businesses. It is designed for businesses dealing with consulting and can be used for China IT consulting or Educational consulting type business. The registration of a China Company takes about 30 working days.

Consulting WFOE company fast setup.

A China WOFE is 100% owned, capitalized, and operated by foreign investors.
The registration of a China Company takes about 30 working days to be done.
No Injected Registered Capital required.

What can a China Consulting Company be used for?

A consulting company in China can provide a wide range of services to businesses looking to enter or expand in the Chinese market. Some of the key areas where they can offer expertise include:

  • Market Entry Strategies: Developing customized plans for entering the Chinese market, taking into account the specific industry, target audience, and regulatory environment.
  • Market Research: Conducting in-depth research on the Chinese market, including competitor analysis, consumer behavior, and industry trends.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Navigating the complex Chinese regulatory landscape, ensuring businesses meet all legal requirements and avoid potential pitfalls.
  • Cultural Adaptation: Helping businesses understand and adapt to the unique cultural nuances of doing business in China, ensuring effective communication and relationship building.
  • Business Partner Identification: Identifying and vetting potential Chinese business partners, suppliers, and distributors.
  • Supply Chain Optimization: Streamlining supply chain operations in China, improving efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Government Relations: Building relationships with government officials and agencies, advocating for business interests, and resolving potential issues.
  • Crisis Management: Developing and implementing crisis management plans to address potential issues such as product recalls, negative publicity, or regulatory investigations.

In addition to these core services, many consulting companies in China also offer specialized expertise in areas such as digital marketing, e-commerce, intellectual property protection, and cross-border transactions.

Overall, a consulting company in China can be an invaluable partner for businesses looking to succeed in the world’s second-largest economy. They can provide the expertise, insights, and connections needed to navigate the complexities of the Chinese market and achieve long-term success.

 Corporation China Marco Pearman-Parish interview.

Setting up a consulting company in China interview with co-founder Marco Pearman-Parish.

Setting up a China Consulting Company in 2022.

When setting up a consulting company in China, there are numerous things to consider, and hence it is essential to seek appropriate legal assistance, such as Corporation China. Corporation China is the Largest Foreign Direct investment firm in Asia Pacific.

Corporation China has developed unparalleled expertise in this area and can provide you with everything necessary to set up your consulting company. In addition, corporation China offers first-class solutions to all of the following requirements.

Registered company location.

Prospective clients and business partners will often ask you where your company is located in China. Hence, a good location is an asset. At Corporation China, we offer excellent solutions for this through our Virtual Office System China Presence™ or our China Virtual Entity™ system. The Shanghai Free Trade Zone is also a great choice.

 Remote bank account opening.

Due to existing restrictions on international money transfers in China, your mainland-based clients will only be able to pay you within China. Therefore, a bank account in which local companies can transfer you Chinese RMBs is necessary.

Corporation China guarantees a remotly opened Bank Account for all our clients.

 Types of Consulting Companies you can start in China.

IT Consulting.

The Chinese market is vast and is still in expansion. For that reason, many companies rely on IT consulting firms to help them operate efficiently in the Chinese market.

Brand Design & Strategy.

Our team has helped develop strategies for entrepreneurs, regional managers, and large multinational corporations. So our studies are aimed at empowering our clients to run a robust business plans in China.

Food & Beverage.

The Food and Beverage (F&B) industry is growing rapidly in China. For the past decade, the industry has grown at 30%. As a result of the increasing demand for new products and services, foreign entrepreneurs fell encouraged to enter the Chinese market.

Overseas Property Sales.

A consulting company is a perfect quick start for everything you need to conduct your business in China. From incorporating your company, registering your trademarks, to setting up a virtual office.

Setup your China Consulting Company Registration in 2024.

Contains everything you need to start your company in China.

Tax Invoice.

Chinese companies put a lot of trust in the government and the Chinese legal system. Hence, they are likely to inquire whether your company is registered in China. This is a way for them to establish your business’s legitimacy and ensure that you can provide them with a tax invoice locally referred to as a Fapiao.

The Chinese trademark registration system is based on a “first come first serve basis,” thereby emphasizing the urgent need to register your brand’s trademark and logo in China. Having an international trademark is not helpful as the foreign trademark is not enforced in China..


It would help if you also considered localizing your marketing using colors and slogans that appeal to Chinese consumers. Having a slogan in Chinese will also help Chinese customers better understand the strength and appeal of your brand. Above all, Corporation China is in partnership with Brand Asia, offering proven solutions to help you tailor your marketing plan to the Chinese market..

What Corporation China can do.

Our Turnkey solution starts with analyzing your business scope and operation, then strategizing the best legal and profitable path forward and assisting you with your registration process. China consulting Company incorporation and corporate bank account can be set up without a legal representative coming to China.

The consulting company can be a trading company that can import-export goods via one of China’s free trade zone once they obtain the business license and can do service in china as a representative office type model or with a joint venture partner.

Create your business plan.

Our team has helped develop business plans for entrepreneurs, regional managers, and large multinational corporations. These studies aim to empower our clients and provide them with a clear outline of how to run a robust business plan in China.

Open a bank account.

Open a China Bank Account. Corporation China is also the official agent for many international banks in China. We can sort out all the details and get the bank account open for you, so you only have to travel to China once it is approved.

Make sure you explore China by using all tools and resources available for your business. Then, take control over your business’s operations, revenue, and profit targets with a team of experts to help you set it up.

Supply a registered address.

Why use a registered address? A Registered Address is a good way to register your Chinese Company as you do not need to rent an expensive office. It is also legally required to have an address to register a company in China and approved by MOFCOM

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China Consulting market grows 12% to $4.5 billion.

China’s consulting market outpaced its economy last year, presenting a double-digit growth and reaching a total market value of $4.5 billion. The Chinese consulting industry is now larger than its international equivalents in France and Australia.

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