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China Patent Registration.

China patent registration is one of the contracting states of the PCT, you can either apply for your patent via the PCT system with a National Phase Entry or you can apply directly as a local filing.

PCT National Phase.

In the PCT Application system you do not have to decide where to file a specific foreign patent application for up to 30 months from the first priority date. The PCT is a standardized process to file multiple applications in foreign countries.

If you already have an International PCT and want to establish the National Phase in China, the following is required:

PCT publication number.
International Search Report.
Patent specifications in the local language.
Any amendments made to the PCT original filing, if applicable.

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China Patent Local Filing.

If the Patent has already been filed in any country and you want to expand the protection to China, you can proceed with a China National Application within a period of 12 months from the earliest priority filing date.

A direct China national patent application strategy is recommended if you know your target market and you want to protect your application in a few countries only.

The filing of a China national application you have to consider the following requirements:

Patent specifications in local language (Abstract, application text, claims, and drawings).
Copy of the foreign priority including, country, filing date, title, owner, and inventors.

China Patent Registration
Step By Step Process.

Step One – Patent Filing.

Once you have your patent draft already written, the attorney will prepare the documentation for a proper patent application in the relevant country.

Step Two – Patent Examination.

After 12 months, depending on the country, the examination process will start.

Step Three – Office Action.

The patent office will issue an examination report with observations and requirements for the application.

Step Four – Patent Granting.

Once the examination has ended and if the patent office has accepted our application your patent will be granted.

Step Five – Maintenance Fee.

In almost every country you need to pay a yearly fee in order to keep your patent in forced.

What is needed to start a Trading Company in China.

Do your homework.

Find out more about the market and if your services or products will do well in China. Contact a company like Brand Asia that can help you with market research.

Pick a location.

Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou are the major business and industrial centers. The type of business may require you set up in one of these cities. Shanghai counts for one-third of China’s GDP and also easy to find staff that speak good English.

Choose a Chinese company structure.

Before registering you need to decide what type of business entity to register. The most common for foreign Investment are Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises (WFOE), Representative Offices (RO) and Joint Ventures.

Develop a business plan.

A detailed business plan is crucial because once the government approves it, you will be able to operate only within the business scope, but that can also be changed if needed.

Organize the necessary documents.

The documents you’ll need to register for a Company will vary from place to place but mostly is just a few passport and company information.

Trademark your intellectual property.

Intellectual property violations can be an issue for foreign investors in China. Trademark is a first to serve the system and is a simple process.

Open a Bank Account.

Once your company is established, you will need to open a bank account and also apply for a tax invoice ( Fapioa) machine.

Hire staff (if required).

Hiring staff in China might seem complex, our Yingke HR Division can help.

Documentation requirements to open a China Trading Company.

Setup as an individual.

A scan of your passport.
A Personal Bank Reference Letter.
Choose a name for the your China WFOE.
Choose a location for the company in China.

Setup as a Hong Kong company.

Notarized copy of Passport of Director and Company Registration Certificate.
Hong Kong Company Registration Certificate.
Hong Kong Company Bank Reference Letter.
The Hong Kong Company will then be the Holding Company for the WFOE We can set up a Hong Kong Company in about 5 days.

Setup as a company.

A Passport Scan of the Director(s).
A Certificate of Company incorporation.
A Company Bank Reference Letter – stating no bad record.
All Documents need to be notarized by the Chinese Embassy.

Opening a bank account in China.

Opening a China Bank Account is a post-licensing service. Corporation China has the knowledge to assist your company during the Bank Account Opening Process. We can Guarantee the China Bank account as we have a partnership with most of the top banks in China. The bank you chose is at your discretion but most of our clients have chosen Bank of China or HSBC. You may contact us for more information about opening a Bank Account and the required documentation must be provided to the Bank during the Process.

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