Employer of Record (EoR) & PEO services in China

Simplify Your China HR with Our All-In-One Employer of Record Solution

Streamline Your China Operations Without the Headache of Local Entity Setup

As a foreign company looking to hire staff and operate in China, you want to hit the ground running without getting bogged down in administrative and legal complexities. Our employer of record (EOR) solution allows you to start doing business in China quickly and efficiently, without first having to establish a local entity.


Hiring employees in China without the need for a local company


Flexibility & Cost Savings - Add or reduce headcount as your needs change, with no fixed entity costs.


Legally Compliant Employment - We handle all payroll, taxes, social insurance, visas, and ensure compliance with China's employment laws.

Think Hiring in China is Complex? We Might Change Your Mind.

China Employer of Record

Kickstart your business journey in China and join our outstanding community of more than 1,500 clients

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Understanding the Essential Differences Between a Chinese Work Visa and Work Permit

China Employer of Record what is it?

If you are looking to hire staff in China without establishing your own local entity, our Employer of Record (EOR) and PEO services offer the perfect solution. But what exactly do these terms mean?


An Employer of Record (EOR):

  • Acts as the official employer of record for staff you hire in China.
  • Handles all China employment compliance, payroll, taxes, and HR functions.
  • Allows you to outsource the legal employer responsibilities.

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO):

  • Provides HR outsourcing services such as EOR, payroll, compliance, etc.
  • Combines employees from multiple clients into one large payroll pool.
  • Leverages economies of scale to offer enhanced benefits.

In essence, an EOR handles the official employer responsibilities and liabilities for your China team, while a PEO provides the service infrastructure and HR platform that makes EOR possible.

As your trusted EOR and PEO, Corporation China has the China employment law expertise and resources to compliantly hire staff on your behalf so you can focus on your core business.

Employer of Record – the Easy way to enter the Chinese market

With our employer of record (EOR) solution, Corporation China essentially serves as the legal employer for staff you wish to hire in China. This allows you to skip the lengthy and costly process of establishing your own local entity. Instead, we enable you to get your China team up and running quickly while ensuring full compliance with local labor laws.


Who Our EOR Service Is For:

  • Companies New to China – Test the market and build local capabilities without the upfront investment of a WFOE.
  • Project-Based Work – Hire staff for a short-term project without setting up a permanent entity.
  • Existing Entities – Augment your China team while awaiting the lengthy WFOE registration.
  • Remote Working – Hire Chinese staff to work remotely for your overseas operations.

Why Choose Our Employer of Record Solution:

  • Local Expertise – Our experienced China team handles all HR administration and stays current on changing regulations.
  • Mitigated Risk – We serve as the legal employer, taking on all compliance responsibilities.
  • Flexibility & Speed – Scale your China team up or down as needed, much faster than with a WFOE.
  • Seamless Transition – We can smoothly transfer EOR employees to your entity later on.
  • Low cost – low setup cost and recurring costs compared to traditional company formation service
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A Complete Guide to Outsourced HR

How Our China Employer of Record Service Works  

Our China employer of record (EOR) solution seamlessly handles all aspects of human resources and statutory compliance so you can hire staff quickly and compliantly. Here is a comprehensive overview of how EOR works and everything we take care of on your behalf:


Recruiting and Hiring

  • Source qualified local candidates that meet your requirements.
  • Ensure hiring is compliant with China labor laws.
  • Draft bilingual employment contracts adhering to all regulations.

Visas and Work Permits

  • Manage the visa/work permit process for foreign hires.
  • Coordinate with authorities to secure proper documentation.

Payroll and Compensation

  • Process monthly China payroll for all employees.
  • Make statutory social insurance contributions.
  • Withhold and remit required taxes on wages.

Regulatory Compliance

  • Stay current on changing HR laws and requirements.
  • Maintain compliance with all employment regulations.
  • Manage HR administration and record keeping.

Termination and Offboarding

  • Handle employee terminations lawfully and properly.
  • Manage final payments and severance requirements.
  • Notify authorities and cancel work permits if needed.

In essence, we serve as the legal China employer so you can build your team without taking on the considerable administrative and compliance responsibilities tied to HR management. Our EOR service allows you to focus on your core business while leveraging our expertise.

Choosing the Right Setup for Your Expansion Goals

WFOE vs. EOR in China: Weighing the Pros and Cons

When expanding into China, companies must decide between establishing a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) or using an Employer of Record (EOR) service. Here we outline the key pros and cons of each model:

WFOE registration


  • Full ownership and control of local entity.
  • Broader business activities permitted.
  • Branding and marketing under your company name.


  • Lengthy registration process.
  • Higher capital requirements 
  • Ongoing compliance obligations and costs.
  • Less flexibility to scale operations up or down.

EOR services in China


  • Get started in just 1-2 weeks.
  • Lower initial cost (from 700 usd/month).
  • Flexibility to hire staff on demand.
  • Outsource HR compliance to the EOR provider.


  • Limited to outsourced business activities.
  • No registered local entity under your brand.
  • Reliance on third party for HR functions.
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Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE)

  • 100% foreign ownership and control
  • Direct hiring of local and foreign employees
  • Import/export capabilities
  • Suitable for manufacturing, services, trade, R&D
  • Minimum registered capital requirements
A Step-by-Step Overview of the Corporation China Registration Procedure

Corporation China Step-By-Step EOR Onboarding Process

At Corporation China, we make hiring staff through our employer of record (EOR) service as seamless as possible. Here are the steps we guide you through:

Consultation – Discuss your hiring needs and ideal candidate profiles. We provide recommendations on optimizing your HR strategy.

Proposal and Contract – We provide a comprehensive proposal for EOR services. Once approved, we finalize the service agreement.

Document Collection – We assist you in gathering the required documents to begin the hiring process.

Recruitment – Our HR experts source qualified candidates that match your requirements.

Screening and Interviews – We can conduct initial screening and coordinate interviews with your preferred candidates.

Hiring and Onboarding – We handle employment contracts, work permits, payroll setup, and onboarding to ensure compliance.

      Ongoing Support – Our team assists with any employee or HR-related queries throughout the employment term.

      Offboarding – When required, we manage employee terminations and exits in accordance with China labor laws.

      At every step, our EOR specialists guide you through the process leveraging our decades of China employment experience.

      Building Your China Team Made Simple

      Our End-to-End Employment Solutions


      Required Documentation for WFOE Company Formation In China

      Simple monthly fee.

      Employer of record service fee

      From US$799.90** per employee

      One-time project fees.

      Project onboarding fee

      From US$799.90** per project

      Project off-boarding fee

      From US$799.90** per project

      **Pricing in US$ is for reference only. You will be charged the respective amount in the local currency.

      At Corporation China, we offer tailored China employment solutions to help foreign companies compliantly hire the local talent they need to succeed. Our services include:


      • Employer of Record (EOR) – We serve as the legal employer to simplify hiring without your own entity.
      • Recruitment – Our HR experts identify and screen qualified candidates based on your requirements.
      • Payroll & Compliance – We handle payroll, taxes, social insurance, and stay current on regulation.
      • Visa Support – For foreign hires, we manage the visa and work permit process.
      • HR Administration – We oversee contracts, onboarding, leaves, terminations, offboarding and more.
      • Ongoing Support – Our team assists with employee or compliance questions at any time.

      Ready start Hiring in China?

      For end-to-end employment solutions backed by decades of China HR experience, look no further than Corporation China.

      Start your business journey in China and join our community of 1,500+ clients partnering with Corporation China.

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      FAQ About China Work Visa and Work Permit

      What is the difference between EOR and PEO?

      An EOR acts as the legal employer while a PEO provides back-end HR services. Corporation China offers integrated EOR/PEO solutions.

      How can you hire employees without my company having a legal entity?

      As your EOR, we utilize our own local entities to legally employ your staff in China.

      Do the employees know they are hired through a PEO?

      If you prefer, we can disclose the EOR arrangement. But employees are contracted by us.

      How long does it take to get started with EOR?

      We can onboard staff in just 1-2 weeks versus 4-6 months to establish your own WFOE.

      Can you hire both Chinese nationals and foreign workers?

      Yes, we can hire both local and expatriate employees through the EOR model.

      What protections are in place to mitigate risk?

      We offer full statutory compliance, insurance, HR administration and handle all employer liabilities.

      Is this legal in China?

      Yes, EOR/PEO services are fully legal and widely used by foreign companies entering China.

      What happens when I want to establish my own entity later on?

      We provide seamless transition of your EOR employees into your new China WFOE.

      What is the fee structure for EOR services?

      We offer customized pricing - please contact us for a tailored quote based on your needs.

      Not Ready to Start a Company?

      China Presence

      Be  in China without a physical office -  we represent you. 

      • Start in just 25 days
      • Dedicated China team to represent your company
      • Manage operations remotely
      • Maintain control of your brand image and IP
      • Minimize investment and risk

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