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China Law Firm – Legal Services for Foreign Business in China

Yingke Law firm is one of the leading law firms in China and Asia Pacific, practicing in all areas of law from corporate to M&A, business law, intellectual property, litigation, tax law, FDI to regulatory and government affairs.

Moreover, we are especially strong in the key industry sectors: banking and finance, energy, technology and innovation, healthcare, and life sciences. Yingke Law Firm assists a wide variety of Chinese clients with their international needs arising from conducting business in China.

The most frequent issues that foreigners face while starting a business in the China area are legal services. Corporation China helps bridge the complex legal system in China with local knowledge and a global network of over 70 offices worldwide

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China Law Firm & Legal Counseling

Corporation China is a part of Yingke Matrix that provides Legal advisory services to foreign business owners with any legal issues in China and Hong Kong. They help companies with compliance measures and explaining the complexities of the Chinese legal system.

Foreign companies want to do business in mainland China with a wide range of cross borders, international trade, and China lawsuitsts

Yingke Matrix, part of Yingke Law firm, the largest Law firm in Asia Pacific, has been assisting clients for more than 20 years with PRC law and private equity.

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We offers the following Legal Services:

China Company Registration
China Legal Compliance
China Trademarks Dispute resolution
Feasibility Study & Due Diligence

Dispute resolution

Suppose you encounter a dispute with another business, a vendor, an employee, or another person that may have legal implications for your business. In that case, we assist with alternative forms of dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration, and negotiations.

 China law firm & legal counseling

Yingke Law firm is a leading law firm in China and Asia Pacific, with a wide range of practice areas including corporate law, M&A, business law, intellectual property law, tax law, and FDI. The firm has a strong reputation for providing high-quality legal services to clients.

 Moreover, they are especially strong in the key industry sectors: banking and finance, energy, technology and innovation, healthcare, and life sciences. Yingke Law Firm assists a wide variety of Chinese clients with their international needs and foreign clients with issues and complexities arising from conducting business in China.

We help foreign businesses wanting to establish a legal entity in China with all aspects of company registration. We can review your objectives and business plan and help inform you of whether a WFOE, Joint Venture, Representative Office, or China Sales Office will be best for your business.

The tax implications, compliance, registered capital investment, staff employment, and find the advantages of each of these options to determine the best suited for your business. In addition, you can rely on our vast industry knowledge to allow you to expand in China.

Banking and finance

Our banking and finance department can find the minimum capital investment for your China Company, how to obtain bank accounts in China, ( SAFE) foreign exchange control, China loans, and Corporate banking.

Foreign investment in China

Our Lawyers can assist with your initial investment plans and the due diligence process when you launch a new business in China or invest in the Chinese market. In addition, we provide full operations support services to China WFOEs and other business entities based in China. We are assisting with the registrations and filings with the relevant government entities.

We prepare and review all the necessary legal documentation required in these transactions, including:

  • Loan contracts
  • Pre-sale contracts
  • Purchase contracts
  • Partnership contracts
  • Supplier contracts 

China Mergers and acquisitions ( M&A)

Suppose your business has the opportunity to acquire a competitive or complementary business in China. We help with foreign-investment transactions involving mergers and acquisitions, overseas companies, and domestic companies, including the due diligence aspects of the transaction. In addition, our China company verification services are made to conduct background checks and advise you on asset and finance strategies.

Private Equity

Private equity investment in China will generally be made by a private equity firm, venture capital firm, or angel investor. Investors have their own set of preferences, goals, and investment strategies.

We are working with Corporation China working with our legal teams who have real insights into the private equity sector in China. We combine market-leading private equity market experience with in-depth tax and regulatory knowledge to give your company practical, cost-effective legal advice that you can implement quickly. Our teams of capable and commercially minded lawyers offer advice across the whole spectrum of private equity transactions, including fund formation, venture capital, investment, and shareholder agreements, buyouts, and secondary funding.

Experienced China Law Firm You Can Depend On

Yingke is the Leading and Largest Law firm in Asia Pacific with over 22 years of experience,7000 Lawyers and 70 locations in China, and a Global Network of over 50 offices.

China Legal Compliance

When expanding your business into the Chinese market, it is vital to understand the complex laws that can impact your business. We assist in the tax, licensing, and regulations so that you have a comprehensive understanding of how they may affect your business. In addition, we assist with all the aspects of compliance and regulatory matters for your operation, and our Legal experts can ensure that you stay compliant

China Trademarks Registartion

China does not recognize trademarks and other intellectual property that is registered in foreign jurisdictions and has a first-to-file law that respects the ownership.

Our China trademark registration services help you protect your ideas, inventions, patents, and intellectual property by registering the trademark with the appropriate Chinese departments. We also help with licensing and enforcement of your trademark in China.

Immigration and Visa service

Corporation China provides a China visa service to new hires, business travelers, and employees. Our immigration division will obtain all the needed documents and assist with your immigration process.
We assist your employees in obtaining
the necessary work and resident permits through our immigration and visa consulting service. In addition, we can help you transition into China will our legal
Advice and local support. Corporation China also provides a legal
advisory services regarding the visa process and ongoing support as you work with the immigration system.

Recruitment and onboarding

Yingke HR division can help you locate the best talent in China and assist with all aspects of the recruitment and onboarding process. We want to keep your company innovative and apply change management

We can conduct background searches to vet potential candidates properly and empower your workforce. Yingke can also prepare employment contracts that comply with relevant Legal regulations for your Foreign Business.

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