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China Shelf Company

Make an Easy and Quick market entrance by choosing a China Shelf Company

No Real Office Needed

No Registered Capital Required

Virtual Address Provided

Tesla has registered a new company in Shanghai’s Free-Trade Zone

China Shelf Company

What is Shelf Company (FKA shelf/aged corporation)? It is a  company or corporation that has had no activity. It was created and left with no activity – metaphorically put on the “shelf” to “age”. The company can then be sold to a person or group of persons who wish to start a company without going through all the procedures of creating a new one.

How to Buy a China Shelf Company? All you need is: Passport scan copy of foreign nationals or identity card for Chinese (Required), Sign legitimate file prepared by us, Registered address (Mandatory), Company Business Scope (If applicable).


Quick entry into the Chinese market without the time wasted in procedures of a new company.


A shelf company can be 100% owned and managed by foreign investors.


No Injected Registered Capital required! 

WHY choose a China ShElf Company?

 Fast and risk Free Set Up

A shelf company, also known as ready-made company is an option if you are for looking a quick start in China. The buying process is that you buy all of the registered capital/shares of the shelf company and new director(s) replaces the original director. Buying a shelf company offers some advantages over incorporating a new company, the most significant being the short time required to get your company running.

100% Owned by Foreign Investors

Protects Intellectual Property& Trademark

No Restriction Money Transfer

The Renminbi convertibility and relaxed administrative controls greatly facilitates treasury cross-border fund management with limited restriction Money Transfer

Fast VAT Tax Back

The VAT rate that applies to export of goods is 17% in China, the Chinese government give a VAT rebate to exporters within about 30 days in the Shanghai Guangzhou Free-trade Zone.

China shelf company

Import & Export

The Guangzhou Free-trade Zone is one of the best zones in China for Export and Import. Guangzhou Free Trade Zone is a bonded area, this means the special custom supervise system lets your goods stay in the zone and only pay tax when entering China.

china shelf company

Fewer Barriers

SFTZ has lowered barriers to foreign investment in several industries and easing restricted/prohibited industries for foreign investors.

The advantages of buying a China Shelf Company

  • Quick entry into the Chinese market without wasting time in the procedures of a new China company formation.
  • To establish the corporate image with extended company longevity to reassure suppliers and customers.
  • To be qualified for the corporate credit.
  • To be qualified to bid on contracts. Some jurisdictions demand a company to engage in the business for a certain length of time to offer.

Current Shelf Companies For SALE



  • Shanghai Free Trade Zone Shelf Company
  • Registered since 2016 LLC




  • Shanghai Free Trade Zone Shelf Company
  • Registered since 2015 LLC.

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Total Support Services for China Shelf Company

Corporation China is your “Back Office” in China we will take care of all your Chinese company financial aspects letting you concentrate on your business

  • Full Legal setup procedures
  • Company name approval
  • Certificates of Incorporation
  • Company Stamps and Chops
  • Company Business scope

Post-incorporation Services

  • Company Bank Account
  • Tax & Accounting
  • Full Back office support
  • Register for Tax Invoice ( Fapiao Machine)
  • China Payroll Service
  • Applying for China work Visa

ADDITIONAL SERVICE (exclusively by corporation china)China Trademark Dispute Experts

Trademark Dispute analysis and defense 

If you are discontented with the rejection of your registration, you may file for a rejection review with the Chinese government to regain your chances for accomplishing the registration process.

Filing Trademark dispute

These reports can provide you with a comprehensive protection for your trademark that can allow you to evade unnecessary litigations and disputes.

File Trademark dispute

You may file for opposition on other’s registration, under legal grounds, with the trademark office to prevent confusion and infringement. 


Our experience with Corporation China was first rate.

“Our experience with Corporation China was first rate. The personal attention to our issues and the prompt action in every instance was inspiring. As newcomers to the Greater China market, we were guided with expertise around every challenge. I would not hesitate to recommend Marco Pearman-Parish and his staff to any company or institution looking to work in the PRC.

Sean McLain – CEO/Managing Director

Corporation China did an amazing job to make Taylor Swift’s brand a successful in China

“Taylor Swift launched her Fashion Brand in China. Corporation China established their Hong Kong and China WOFE that was the foundation for Taylor Swift’s Brand in China. Corporation China also did the branding , trademarks and opened and designed their JD and Tmall online stores.

Kate Liegey – CEO/Managing Director

Stem Marketing is now one of the leading marketing firm in China

“In 2014 Stem Marketing contacted Corporation China to set up a consulting company in Shanghai to provide marketing and market research services.

Fast forward to 2016, Stem Marketing is now one of the leading marketing firm choices for foreign brands in China.

Brian Zhang – Managing Director

Many Companies have Successfully entered the Chinese market thought their partnership with us

Corporation China offers companies coming to China a turnkey solution that allows for a quick start. We provide everything you need to conduct business in China, from incorporating your company, registering your trademarks, setting up a virtual office, fine-tuning your marketing plan

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Got questions?

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