Work visas & work permits in China

Navigating China’s Complex Immigration System with Ease

China’s immigration regulations can be difficult for foreign individuals and companies to navigate. With frequently changing laws and intricate procedures, obtaining proper visas and work permits is a complex process.


Visa Application Consulting - We advise on the visa and permit options best suited to your situation.


Document Preparation - We assist in gathering and authenticating the required paperwork.


Compliance Monitoring - We proactively notify you of renewal deadlines.


Application Submission - We file and track your application's status.

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Understanding the Essential Differences Between a Chinese Work Visa and Work Permit

What’s the Difference Between a Work Visa and a Work Permit in China?

To legally work in China, foreign nationals must obtain both a work visa and a work permit. However, these two documents serve different purposes:


Work VisaThe work visa (or Z visa) enables the foreign national to enter China. However, it does not grant legal work authorization.

  • Issued by Chinese consulates abroad
  • Allows initial entry and stay in China
  • Valid for up to 12 months
  • Multiple entries allowed

Work Permit – The work permit is the document that officially authorizes a foreign national to be employed in China. It is tied to the employer and position.

  • Issued by China’s labor authorities
  • Grants legal right to work in China
  • Valid for duration of employment contract
  • Must be renewed periodically

While interrelated, the work visa facilitates immigration while the work permit governs employment legitimacy. Corporation China handle the paperwork from end-to-end, ensuring our clients have proper documentation to live and work in China fully compliant.

Why Choose Corporation China as Your Immigration Partner in China

When moving abroad, having an experienced partner to handle immigration formalities is key. As your dedicated partner for China relocations, we offer distinct advantages:


Proven Track Record

We have successfully processed over 5,000 visa and permit applications with a high approval rate.


Local Expertise

Our specialists are based in China and stay current on the latest immigration regulations and developments.


Compliance Management

We monitor deadlines and proactively notify you in advance of document expirations.

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Who Qualifies for a China Work Visa?

Foreign nationals looking to work in China must meet certain criteria to be eligible for a work visa. While requirements vary based on industry and skill level, general guidelines include:

  • Educational Background – A bachelor’s degree or higher in the field of work is typically required. Vocational skills may also qualify.
  • Professional Experience – 2+ years of relevant work experience in your industry or occupation.
  • Job Offer – You must have a concrete employment offer from a legitimate China entity.
  • Clean Criminal Record – No prior convictions or violations of law, verified by a certificate of no criminal record.
  • Salary Level – Your compensation must be in line with the prevailing salary range for similar positions.
  • Age Requirement – Applicants are typically expected to be under 60 years old.

Meeting the above criteria is essential but not always sufficient. The final issuance of a work visa is at the discretion of the Chinese immigration authorities.

china company registration

Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE)

  • 100% foreign ownership and control
  • Direct hiring of local and foreign employees
  • Import/export capabilities
  • Suitable for manufacturing, services, trade, R&D
  • Minimum registered capital requirements

Getting a Work Visa Through Your China WFOE

Many foreign nationals wonder if opening a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) in China can help them obtain a work visa. The answer is yes – registering a WFOE enables shareholders and executives to apply for long-term work authorization.

As the legal representative of a China company, you become eligible for a work visa under the premise of working for your own enterprise. The WFOE essentially sponsors your employment in China.

With our expertise, we can assist you in:

  • Registering your WFOE quickly and smoothly
  • Preparing the visa application and required documents
  • Liaising with the authorities to secure approval

By leveraging our localized knowledge, you can establish your WFOE in China and use it to gain compliant work status. We handle the intricacies so you can focus on launching your business.

A Step-by-Step Overview of the Corporation China Registration Procedure

Corporation China Step-By-Step Process for Streamlined Approval

Obtaining a China visa as a foreigner can be challenging without local expertise. With our decades of experience, we make the process smooth and streamlined:

  • Visa Evaluation – We assess your situation and determine the appropriate visa type to apply for.
  • Document Preparation – We assist you in gathering all the required documents and make sure they meet the latest requirements.
  • Authentication – We handle the meticulous process of getting your documents authenticated by the relevant authorities.
  • Application Submission – Our team completes the visa application and submits it to the officials on your behalf.
  • Follow-ups – We proactively follow up with the authorities to ensure no delays or issues with your application.
    • Issuance – Once approved, we liaise for prompt visa issuance and delivery to you.

        With our step-by-step guidance and hands-on support, we simplify the complex China visa process while you focus on your goals. Trust our experts to handle all the intricacies and secure your visa efficiently. Just give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

        Required Documents and Information s for a Smooth China Visa Application

        Applying for a China visa requires presenting several supporting documents. To ensure a complete and successful application, the key documents needed include:

        Required Documentation for WFOE Company Formation In China
        • Passport – Original passport with at least 6 months validity and blank pages for the visa stamp.
        • Visa Application Form – Fully completed form with accurate details.
        • Photo – Standard passport photo taken within the last 6 months.
        • Letter of Invitation – Issued by the sponsoring entity in China.
        • Medical Check Form – Showing you cleared the health exam by an authorized hospital.
        • No Criminal Record Check – Notarized certificate from your home country.
        • Education/Work Certificates – Properly notarized and authenticated.
        • Employment Documents – Contracts, Engagement Letters, etc (for work visas).
        • Application Fee – Payment receipt of the visa fee.

        Ready to get your Visa?

        Let Us Handle the Immigration Formalities While You Focus on Your Goals

        Start your business journey in China and join our community of 1,500+ clients partnering with Corporation China.

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        FAQ About China Work Visa and Work Permit

        How long does it take to get a China work visa and permit?

        Typically the process takes 4-6 weeks from start to finish. We assist in expediting document legalization and liaising with authorities to streamline the process.

        Can my family join me on a work visa?

        Yes, dependent family members can apply for residence permits to accompany the working expat.

        Do I need to have a job offer before applying for a work visa?

        Yes, you need an official job offer and employment contract from a legitimate China entity to begin the work permit application.

        How long are China work permits valid for?

        Work permits are usually issued for the duration of the employment contract, up to a maximum of 5 years. Renewals are required.

        What is the cost of a China work visa and permit?

        Estimated costs are $300-800 for a work visa and $800-1200 for the work permit, depending on nationality.

        Are criminal background checks required?

        Yes, you need a Certificate of No Criminal Record from your home country.

        Can I apply for a work visa from within China?

        No, you must apply from your home country or place of permanent residence abroad.

        How many times can I enter China on a work visa?

        Work visas typically allow multiple entries valid over the course of a year.

        Do I need to get a medical check done?

        Yes, you need to pass a health exam at an authorized Chinese hospital.

        Can I freelance in China on a work visa?

        No, your employment must be with a legitimate China entity that sponsors your work permit.

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