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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]When the new American brand Vintage Heartland debuted its first lingerie collection back in May, it needed 5 police officers to control the crowds and keep the photographers in line.

This setting wasn’t New York, or LA, or Nashville, which might have been appropriate considering the labels home spun look and rural appeal-but China, where Vintage Heartland wowed visitor’s at the annual Shenzhen International Lingerie Show with a booth set up to look like a barn. It seemed like Country needed no translation, and the founder Kate Liegey from New York City, single handedly brought country music and her lingerie brand Vintage Heartland, to 1 billion consumers on Chinese Television.

This bold approach will bring added dollars back into the USA economy to support local manufacturing and jobs. Liegey says.


Liegey believes that by selling USA brands in China (60% of the Chinese consumer wants American made, and designed product) she can turn the tables, and bring those added dollars back into the US economy to support local manufacturing.

That is how my Sprout popup factory concept became my mission. Liegey states passionately.

Sproutpopupfactory – is a mobile, pop up apparel factory that is green, and automated with high technology.

Liegey is calling it the “ pop up“ factory of manufacturing, because they can be built quickly across America with recycled materials in less than a month. We can train people in a higher paying job, due to the size and efficiency of the business model.  This will give workers new skills, and they will be vested in the factory, and know they will be a part of a bigger picture of green technology, and an automated factory process.

It will be a think tank of new ideas and technology all packed into 5000 square feet. Liegey states.

We will be able to be competitive price wise, and sell our USA products overseas to a huge demand for “Made in America “ product lines.

Her goal is to franchise this concept to out to every state in America. and have them “pop up” in rural towns that need a boost  in their economy.

Liegey is so passionate about this, that she has knocked on every door in Nashville, (where her brand will relocate to). From the governors office in Tennessee on economic development to the country music celebrities

And the mayor’s office – she has gotten huge support from the community.  I refuse to take “no” for an answer, Liegey states.


Stephanie Urbina Jones wrote our theme song “Bringing it back to the heart land” on our – you tube video-Sproutpopupfactory, and my friends in Nashville are helping me make this a reality. It’s the grass roots way of marketing an idea- you tell a friend, who tells a friend!

If I can build one model factory in Nashville TN, I know everyone will come and see how profitable it can be, and more will be built across America.

I believe that I have proved the theory in China that they want USA made, and now I want to help build factories here in America, and sell the products over seas through all my connections and distributor’s.

I have over 20 years of manufacturing here and overseas, so I know what it takes to build an efficient factory, and I can deliver speed to market for almost what you pay in China to manufacture.

We lost a lot of our manufacturing here, not because of just labor costs, but because we don’t have the right technology. I have all the latest technology in 3D patternmaking, design, hi tech printing, and computerized sewing that can reduce the cost of manufacturing here

Why not? It’s a bold approach, but I want to help support our economy, and you have to think outside the box. Liegey states.



Liegey has helped develop lingerie and shape wear brands for major fashion houses such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, and has designed many celebrity lingerie lines in her 20 year career.


Vintage Heartland is the culmination of that experience and gives Liegey the chance to pay tribute to her roots and traditional values associated with rural America.

All of the website, wholesale catalog’s, and fashion videos were shot on a Sustainable farm, and all our packaging is sustainable.

The company’s marketing hits a lot of notes that resonate deeply in the American psyche-farm life, country music, healthy out door life styles, hard working families, and supporting American made product.

Vintage heartland is an authentic brand, with a noble cause, that is built around a home – grown philosophy that supports the No farms- No food campaign, with the American Farmland Trust. A percentage of sales go to them, and Liegey is passionate about this and Sprout pop up factory.

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