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EQI and the Yingke Global Legal Alliance announce their global joint venture.

Yingke, one of the world’s largest law firm alliances, has announced its joint venture with EQI to help establish the world’s leading cryptocurrency focused offshore bank.
The new partnership is expected to spark innovation and substantial growth in the cryptocurrency markets by maximizing the development of banking access to the blockchain sector. The partnership will leverage the talents and resources at both organisations, while driving scale and efficiency in the partners’ respective client bases.
“Today’s announcement with industry innovator EQI is another solid step in our journey to build on our foundation as one the world’s leading law firms. Existing and new global clients are not being adequately serviced by antiquated banks. Many regional and global banks have simply not scaled to meet the requirements of innovative industries like blockchain.

The services of EQIBank are in huge demand by our law firm and clients. We hope to open as many as 1000 client accounts a month via our Yingke Foreign Direct Division, Corporation China”, said Marco Pearman-Parish, the President of Yingke Global and CEO of Corporation China. “Yingke Global is committed to being one of the world’s leading banking and fintech law firms and this joint venture will help meet the needs of our global client base”.

Jason Blick, CEO of EQI, said, “The relationship with Yingke Global represents a powerful opportunity for EQI to significantly expand our presence in Asia, a vibrant and critically important market. EQI has clearly demonstrated its ability to apply its considerable resources and expertise not only to enter, but to lead major innovation in the offshore banking world and
create the world’s Best Blockchain Bank. We’re excited to partner with Yingke Global as we focus our combined energies serving a broader range of customers with industry-leading banking solutions focused on the crypto and blockchain markets.”

Yingke a leading law firm in China, was established in 2001 with our headquarters in Beijing. Today, we have 44 domestic branches and 24 member law firms of Yingke International Legal Alliance – located in key financial, business and regulatory centers in Asia, Europe, South America and North America. Being the largest direct-invested law firm in Asia Pacific, we have
5,462 lawyers and legal professionals forming a global service platform to serve the business and legal needs of our clients worldwide.

EQI aims to launch the world’s first licensed and fully regulated offshore bank, providing:
• Private and Corporate Banking
• Cryptocurrency Exchange
• Cryptocurrency Custody
• Fiat and Cryptocurrency Lending
• Insured Wallet and Cold Storage
• Settlement and Clearing
• Compliance

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