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Hong Kong Bank Account Opening

How to expand your business by setting up a Hong Kong bank account.

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You can come to Hong Kong within 5 days. First day, you come to our office and sign documents for shelf company then we file the documents to relevant government departments and get approval (normally 1-2 days).

In the third day, you can go to the HSBC and sign bank documents and get the bank account number, token, and password and debit card.

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Hong Kong Bank Account

Opening a HK Bank Account is very easy. Corporation China is also the official agent for many international banks in HK, we can sort out all the details and get the bank account open for you so you only have to travel to HK once is already approved.

IT Consulting

All Inclusive Opening Services

Specializing in Hong Kong banking since many years, we’re established as one of the market leaders in offering offshore bank account services, working together with major financial institutions.

Offshore Bank Account

Opening a offshore Bank Account is easy with Corporation China. We have the knowledge to assist your company during the Bank Account Opening

Different Bank Options

The bank you chose is at your discretion but most of our clients have chosen Cathay United Bank, China Trust Commercial Bank or HSBC.

Bank Account without visiting Hong Kong

For non-visiting Hong Kong, generally, we will e-mail to you the bank forms and notify you where to sign them . Then you mail back to us, we will do further works such as write business plans, reference letter, and other certification works and then submit to the banks for approval.

Once the offshore bank account is opened, we will notify you the bank account numbers and other details such as swift code, then you arrange to deposit the initial money to your bank accounts. Generally, only US$800 is enough. The bank account we open for you is multi-currencies, and with internet banking facilities and debit card (the network of it is silimar to visa card network),

The bank will mail the password, debit card, and token direct to you by DHL. Then you register in the banker’s website and enter two more individual passwords(set by you). Then you can operate all the bank transactions such as wiring transfer, checking balances through internet banking facilities, and use of the debit card to draw money over the global world.

For visiting Hong Kong, we will prepare for bank documents and other documents, you come to Hong Kong and sign documents and will get the bank account number (multi-currencies) , token, and password as well as debit card the same day (within half an hour, normally).


The documents required for opening offshore bank account are:

  1. Formation documents (normally done by us)
  2. Bank forms (normally provided by us)
  3. Passport or I.D copies (and signed) of each director and shareholder
  4. Address proof (such as updated bill statement which shows up your name and address) and signed (of each director and shareholder)


Our Turnkey solution starts with first analyzing your business scope and operation and then strategizing the best legal and profitable path forward.

Business plan in China


Our team has helped to develop business plans for entrepreneurs, regional managers, and large multinational corporations. These studies are aimed at empowering our clients and providing them with a clear outline on how to run a robust business plan in China.

Business plan in China


Opening a China Bank Account is very easy. Corporation China is also the official agent for many international banks in China, we can sort out all the details and get the bank account open for you so you only have to travel to China once is already approved.

Business plan in China


Make sure you explore China by making use of all tools and resources available for your business. Take control over your businesses operations, revenue and profit targets with a team of experts to help you set it up.

Registered address


Why use a registered address? A Registered Address is a good way to register your Chinese Company as you do not need to rent an expensive office. Its is also legally required to have an address to register a company in China.

PROFIT TAX RATES in HK lowered from 16.5% to

8.25% (lowered by HALF)

What are HK’s corporate & personal tax rate?

  • From 2008/09 onwards, the personal tax rate in Hong Kong is 16,5% for companies and 15% for unincorporated businesses. Which is among the lowest in the world.
  • As proposed in 2017 Policy Address, profit tax rate for the first $2 million of profits will be lowered from 16,5% to 8,35% (lowered by half), and standard tax rate from 16,5% will be kept for profits exceeding that amount. This new tax system, target to be implemented from April 2018 is believed to provide huge tax relief to start-ups and SMEs in HK.

Our experience with Corporation China was first rate.

“Our experience with Corporation China was first rate. The personal attention to our issues and the prompt action in every instance was inspiring. As newcomers to the Greater China market, we were guided with expertise around every challenge. I would not hesitate to recommend Marco Pearman-Parish and his staff to any company or institution looking to work in the PRC.

Sean McLain – CEO/Managing Director

Corporation China did an amazing job to make Taylor Swift’s brand a successful in China

“Taylor Swift launched her Fashion Brand in China. Corporation China established their Hong Kong and China WOFE that was the foundation for Taylor Swift’s Brand in China. Corporation China also did the branding , trademarks and opened and designed their JD and Tmall online stores.

Kate Liegey – CEO/Managing Director

Stem Marketing is now one of the leading marketing firm in China

“In 2014 Stem Marketing contacted Corporation China to set up a consulting company in Shanghai to provide marketing and market research services.

Fast forward to 2016, Stem Marketing is now one of the leading marketing firm choices for foreign brands in China.

Brian Zhang – Managing Director

Many Companies have Successfully entered the Chinese market thought their partnership with us

Corporation China offers companies coming to China a turnkey solution that allows for a quick start. We provide everything you need to conduct business in China, from incorporating your company, registering your trademarks, setting up a virtual office, fine-tuning your marketing plan

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