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Return back to China?

Since the Chinese government announced the “temporary entry ban policy” on March 28, 2020, for ordinary business foreigners want to come to China, you need to apply for a new VISA at the Chinese consulate/embassy overseas, only if you have a new VISA issued after March 28, that you can enter China.


If you want to apply for such a new VISA now, you need to provide an invitation letter (PU Letter) issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.


In the past months, it was so difficult to get the PU (invitation letter). And now, some cities’ Foreign Affairs Offices have relaxed the invitation letter policy. If you wish to obtain such PU (invitation letter) for getting a new VISA to enter China, please contact us for more.


Below are some basic steps about the PU (invitation letter) procedures:


  1. Apply to FAO (Foreign Affairs Office)


Your company needs to apply from the Foreign Affairs Office of the city where the company is registered. Different cities might have different documentations. Essentially, the company shall state in detail the importance of the invited personnel and the purpose of his/her coming to China. The company will be the sponsor for the invitee and promises he/she will obey the requirements of a 14-day quarantine when arrival.


  1. CDC (Disease Control Center)


check The Disease Control Center (CDC) will inspect and check the essential safety measures set up at the city of the residence and work. The company will be required to guarantee in written that these measures will be carefully implemented.


  1. Approve by province-level FAO


After reviewed by the district-level & city-level FAO, the application will be sent to the province-level FAO (some cities will not need to go through the district-level FAO).


  1. Invitation letter by FAO


This step is the most important step. After the province-level FAO evaluates the application and issues a VISA notification (invitation letter) to the MFA and the relevant Chinese embassy or consulate in the country where the invitee is currently in.


  1. Requirements from overseas embassy/consulate


Further requirements are dependent on the bilateral fast track agreement between China and the country. One of the requirements is that the invitee should not have traveled to any of the high-risk countries within the past 14 days prior to his/her departure and shall conduct a nucleic acid test and the result must be negative.


  1. Fly


This VISA issued after 28 March makes the VISA holder eligible to board a commercial flight or a chartered flight to China. And of course, a nucleic acid test with result negative is a must too, it shall be presented before allowing on board.


  1. Test at the airport


After getting off from the plane, a nucleic acid test and a serological test will be performed at the airport. The required time for the results might be up to two days during which the arrival has to wait at the designated hotel.


  1. 14-days Quarantine


Even if the test result is negative, all the arrival still will be subject to the 14-day quarantine.


Above is a general condition for the PU (invitation letter) for a new VISA application. However, the PU (invitation letter) itself is not an executive order or policy, it does not guarantee the inevitable success of obtaining the VISA from overseas embassy/consulate. The final approval right for the VISA issuance is subject to the overseas / embassy according to the current pandemic global status.

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