Registering an ICP License in China

Registering an ICP License in China, Commercial ICP License

ICP license registration

To host a website on a server web host in Mainland China, you must apply for an ICP License from MIIT. Once you have an ICP filing number, your website can be accessed in Mainland China. If your website is for commercial purposes, you must apply for an ICP filing.

A China ICP license will help your website server in mainland China load faster and gain access to more technology resources, which will improve the user experience. Using the ‘.cn’ or ‘’ website extensions will also help with SEO and make you more credible. An ICP license number will give you an advantage over your competitors who host their websites outside of China.

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Obtaining an Internet Content Provider (ICP) license in China

ICP Filing is for a non-commercial website

 Companies, including JVs (Joint Ventures), 100% WFOE foreign-owned entities, and 100% Chinese-owned companies, are allowed to make an ICP Filing. This is only for websites offering mainly content-only type and for websites that do not intend to sell products online or conduct business.

ICP license for commercial websites

Chinese-owned and operated business entities with a valid business license, JVs (Joint Ventures) with a foreign investment of less than 50% share, can apply for a China ICP license. This is to exclude foreign companies that have no Chinese joint partners.

How to obtain an ICP license for your website to be hosted in China?

Chinese nationals can apply for an ICP filing. Non-Chinese must be physically present in China for sufficient time to satisfy the basic registration requirements. In addition, these individuals may also need to meet the following criteria:

Have a Chinese Moble or landline or an SMS facility

  • A person physically living in China
  • In many cases, having an Alipay account is connected to a Chinese bank account. 
  • Access to a person who can accept and send your mail
  • Be fluent in Mandarin.

The entire ICP license application process takes 20 days to a month if all documents are in order. However, if you wish to apply for the ICP Commercial license, the process usually takes 60-90 days.

Register your ICP License

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