How to expand your business to China by setting up a company in Macau.

Macau Company Registration in 2022.

Beautiful Macau, the world’s freest economy for 23 consecutive years.

Macau is a busy, fast paced, and inviting metropolitan city. Innovation and entrepreneurship are everywhere, also it holds the title of “the whole world’s freest economy” for 23 continuous years by the Heritage Foundation. Under the spotlight for international investments, Macau is favored by worldwide financial specialists because of its legal framework, easy tax system, low taxes policy, and much more.

Macau offers boundless business opportunities, and fills in as a stage to overall economy and trade, whose preferences are outstanding, which implies a huge number of worldwide organizations looking to setting up an organization in Macau. Corporation China can offer master administrations to enable organizations to start, develop, and grow their business in Macau.

As Macau assumes the part as a noteworthy exchanging and passage to China terrain and Asia, a few organizations originated in Macau are for trading purposes for the most part, while others make use of it for it’s activities in China territory. In any case, there are numerous reasons to set up a Macau Company.


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The advantages of having a company in Macau.

Great trading environment.
Stable financial system.
Low tax rate: offshore companies can be exempt from profit tax, business tax, inheritance and gift taxes, property transfer tax, stamp tax and salaries tax for the first three years of employment (non-Macau residents).
A potential offshore service center.
Platform for economic development and trading cooperation between mainland China and Portuguese-speaking countries.

There are two categories of Macau companies.

Macau local company.
Macau offshore company.

Types of local Macau companies.

Personal commercial enterprise
Corporate commercial enterprise.
Economic interest group.

WFOE vs China Representative Office.

A China Representative Office, also known as Liaison Office, is a commonly used low-cost investment vehicle for mainland China-based businesses. It is designed for businesses willing to develop a China presence. The registration of a representative office takes about 30 working days to be done.

A China Representative Office registration is popularly used by Chinese business investors gain positive returns, mainly through testing the Chinese market as an insider. It was created for those businesses that wish to promote foreign companies throughout China. A Representative Office registration usually takes a month to complete.

 Opening a Macau Bank Account.

Corporation China offers assistance in setting up your bank account in Macau, without the immediate need for you to travel. You will only need to do so once it has been successfully opened.

The banks in Macau offer the following facilities when opening an account.

There are numerous banks to choose from when opening your bank account.
Online Banking in English available at all banks.
All banks support swift online transactions.
Multi-currency account, i.e. HK$, MOP, US$, Euro, GBP, CHF, Yen, etc.
Fast setup time.
American citizens gladly welcomed.

The disadvantages of having a Representative Office.

Among other options, the following banks are licensed to operate in Macau.

Wing Hang Bank Limited.
Delta Asia Bank Limited.
China Construction Bank (Macau) Corporation Limited.
Seng Heng Bank Limited.
Banco Commercial de Macau S.A.
The Macau Chinese Bank Ltd.
Banco Espírito Santo Asia Limited.
Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU) Macau.
Banco Weng Hang S.A..
HSBC Macau.
Luso International Banking (LIB) Ltd.
Tai Fung Bank Ltd.

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