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Marco Pearman-Parish

Managing Director of Yingke Matrix & CEO of Corporation China

 Marco Pearman-Parish is the Managing Director of Yingke Matrix and the CEO of Corporation China. With 30 years of experience, he brings his expertise and knowledge. He is also the Brand Ambassador of Portugal in China and CEO of Eqibank (HK).

Marco Pearman-Parish is the founder and CEO of Rage Group and worked at UBS and McGraw-Hill London as their European Division Manager. He originally was sent to China to open up Deutsche Bank office in Beijing and then started to work with P&G , Citrix, and J&J and started Corporation China. His company represents a number of U.S. states in China, including the State of Missouri. Marco has interests in many things like photography and music and also has played drums for many famous bands over the years. Marco holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology ( PsyD), Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) and is also is former Lieutenant Commander in the Navy


+86 021 3606 8295 (CN)
+1 253 777 0117 (US)
+44 (0) 20 8133 7773 (UK)
+61(0) 2 8006 1867 (AU)
+911166482160 (IN)
+852 8191 0881 (HK)
+ 7 (499) 5770299 (RU)
+ 27 110 839337 (RSA)




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