Opening an Offshore Bank Account.

How to open an offshore bank account in Hong Kong.

Corporation China offers legal services to companies drafting and reviewing various types of contracts, permit applications, issue a lawyer’s letters and participate in business negotiations.

Advising on bankruptcy and liquidation procedures in China and cross-border bankruptcy cases.

Banking and financial services.

Foreign exchange control.
Foreign debt registration.
Legal documentation.
Related matters.

Find out more about Corporation China's financial services.

Bankruptcy and Liquidation.

Advising on bankruptcy and liquidation procedures in China and cross-border bankruptcy cases.

Property Investments.

Acquisition, assignment and transfer of land-use-right, sale and purchase of real property, preparation of legal documents including real estate pre-sale contracts, real estate sale & purchase contracts, mortgage loan contracts, filing of pre-sale registration, advising on various matters relating to property investment in China.

China Intellectual Property.

Prosecution and litigation for inventions.
Utility models, and design patents.
Trade names.
Unfair competition.
Trade secrets.
Technology transfers.
China intellectual property enforcement and anti-counterfeiting.

Let Corporation China take are of  all your company’s legal services.

Our attorneys across the globe practice in all areas of law from corporate to M&A and business law, from intellectual property, complex litigation, tax, FDI to regulatory and government affairs make us to be one of the leading law firms in China and all around the world.

Moreover, we are especially strong in the key industry sectors: banking and finance, energy, technology and innovation, healthcare and life sciences. We assist a wide variety of Chinese clients with their international needs and foreign clients with issues and complexities arising from conducting business in China.

China legal support.

Corporate Finance.

Corporate restructuring and reorganization of PRC companies for the purposes of listing on overseas stock exchange markets, legal diligence and issuance of relevant PRC legal opinions.

China Merger and Acquisition.

Mergers and acquisitions by and between enterprises with China foreign investments, companies listed in China and overseas, and domestic companies, spin-offs and other restructuring transactions, venture capital transactions, etc.

China Foreign Investment.

Initial investment planning and due diligence, establishment of foreign invested enterprises in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, and other cities in China, operations support service to foreign invested enterprises, restructuring and liquidation, registrations and filings with government authorities, setting up of Hong Kong and offshore.

China Dispute Resolution.

Background searches and asset preservation actions, civil and criminal proceedings, including assessment of claims and development of strategy, trial and appeal, arbitration, mediation and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings, enforcement of court judgments and orders.

What you need to know about setting up a Representative Office in China.

With an RO being one of the most common options for foreign Businesses in China, it opens up a vast opportunity to set up your business and gains further involvement in the Chinese market. With the help of an RO, companies can test the market to make sure of any investments or strategies before they decide to fully engage in the Chinese market.

Setup cost of a Representative Office.

Setting up a WFOE used to require a total capital of RMB 100,000. However, this changed in 2014, and now there is no minimum amount. Setting up a representative office in China was affordable but since 2010 they have gotten a bit expensive.

There is a financial burden on the representative office in China, and the tax burden has also increased from 9.5% to 11.69%. JV setup costs are subject to the type of JV set up: Equity Joint Ventures and Cooperative Joint Ventures. The minimum amount of capital needed is RMB 30 000 for each investor, yet, this depends on the shareholders.

Deciding on company structure.

The decision of which structure you want to expand your business is essential. Each offers its own benefits, and the final decision is up to you, depending on your goals as a business entity. A China RO is a perfect solution for businesses that want to try the Chinese market for the first time. It allows businesses to develop relationships and create their presence in China, as well as understand how business is done there.

WFOE is very different because it allows companies to establish a more authentic presence to trade and conduct business for profit. They also benefit from a lower tax rate and gain complete control of the operation.

Finally, a JV is a good choice for those businesses that already have existing relationships with companies in China and are suitable in cases where WFOE is not an option due to governmental regulations. You may decide which structure you wish to go with, but you should do further research.

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