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Opening the Chinese Education market

Xi Jinping has given his word on opening the Chinese Education market

At the China International Import Expo in Shanghai, Xi Jinping announced in his opening speech, that the government would be ‘accelerating opening’ in education and planned to also raise foreign equity caps in education.

British brand is growing internationally

ISC Research which is responsible for collecting and analysing data on the international school’s market has affirmed that 20 new international schools associated with independent school brands will be opening in time for the academic year. Nine of them are in mainland China, two each in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand, and one in Dubai, UAE, India, Brazil and Germany.

UK University will not be giving unconditional offers anymore

St Mary’s University in Twickenham has announced that they will not be making unconditional offers to students anymore. Students will now have to earn their seats fairly in the classroom by merit. This decision was made after students who were awarded unconditional offers failed to achieve the marks that were expected of them.

UK All-Party Parliamentary Group calls for global recruitment improvements

The UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group for International Students have recently released a statement on how to upsurge international staffing. Paul Blomfield, MP Co Chair said, “…our recruitment has flatlined”. Main policies to attract international students are to make the visa and immigration procedure simpler and to present more post-study work choices.

Thinking Schools to run in China

Thinking matters will bring thinking schools to China, partnered with Garmen (Jiawen Chen) Chen’s Moonshot Thinking. The schools will begin in Guangdong province and are hopeful to branch outward from there. Their aim is to enable students to apply their thinking skills and participate in discussions about real-world issues, instead of limiting their thinking to questions on exams.

Lady Eleanor Holles will launch campus in Foshan

Trumptech has partnered with Lady Eleanor Holles to open a campus called Lady Eleanor Holles International School Foshan (LEHF) in Chancheng, Foshan. The school will be co-ed for students aged 12-18 and will utilize the British curriculum and learning style.

The UK Government will invest £84 million in National Center for Computing Education

The center will be spearheaded by professionals from STEM Learning, the British Computing Society and the Raspberry Pi Foundation and will labor with British schools to increase participation in computer science at GCSE and A-Level. The Center will function virtually through a network of up to 40 school-led computing centers to offer training and resources to primary and secondary schools as well as a rigorous training programms for secondary teachers without a post A-Level qualification in computer science.

Serbia wants to boost science and education links with China

Serbia’s delegation to the CIIE in Shanghai comprised of representatives from Belgrade’s Science Technology Park, an incubator and fund for start-ups, as well as from universities in Belgrade and Novi Sad. Mladen Sarcevic, Serbian Minister of Education of Science and Technological Development said it is a move to show China that Serbia is seriously considering further cooperation and partnership.

Pakistan and China discuss education cooperation in Prime Minister’s first official visit

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan visited China from 2-5 November for his first official visit. He met many leaders of the PRC during his time in the country. Both parties were satisfied with their relationship and decided that the partnership should be strengthened. Regarding education, both sides agreed to encourage joint degree and exchange programmes and negotiate agreements on mutual recognition of higher education degrees. They will also continue think tanks exchanges through conferences and seminars.

RAISE Conference

16th-18th November


The Redefine Asian International Schools and Education (RAISE) Conference is spearheaded by TopSchools, an organization focused on the improvement of international K12 educators. International education experts and school representatives will be in attendance.

The British Business Awards 2018

15th November, 18:00 – 21:00

Intercontinental Sanlitun

Meet with the best of British business at the Gala Awards Dinner for the 2018 British Business Awards on Thursday November 15th. The high point of the British business calendar will see 9 Awards given to companies and individuals who best display an excellence in innovation, enterprise and endeavor in the British and Chinese business societies.

British Council 2018 International Schools Forum

At this forum, Assessment Experts from the British Council will interpret the CEFR and CSE and show off their successful practices to utilize the testing systems to optimize English learning. You will also receive updates on teacher training, curriculum development and popular qualifications from UK School Exam Boards and gain a deeper insight into British Council’s Partner Schools Global Network program in delivering UK school curriculum.

The British Chamber of Commerce in China (BCCC) is an independent, membership-based organization that provides connectivity for British organizations in China. The BCCC Education Forum is one of the 11 industry-specific and interest-related forums which allows organizations to connect with its associates, stay up to date with industry development and discuss prospects and shortfalls.

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