Operate in China

Launch and Run Your Operations in China  Without Ever Leaving Home

Entering the Chinese market requires boots-on-the-ground to execute your strategic plans. With Corporation China’s Operate in China solution, leverage our qualified team to smoothly establish and operate your China initiatives.


Recruiting and managing a local workforce that meets your needs


Managing daily workflows, tasks, and business processes


Ensuring rules, regulations, and legal compliance


Securing facilities, equipment, licensing, and logistics


Providing oversight and troubleshooting to optimize operational efficiency

Think China Business is Complex? We Might Change Your Mind.

operate in China

Kickstart your business journey in China and join our outstanding community of more than 1,500 clients

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Operate in China – Your Local Operations Partner

Executing your strategic plans and running day-to-day operations in China’s complex regulatory and cultural environment presents immense challenges for foreign companies. Corporation China makes market entry smooth and successful through our Operate in China solution.

This service provides you with a dedicated operations team in China to handle all ground-level execution, from recruiting local staff to managing workflows, licensing, facilities, reporting, and everything in between.

Who Can Benefit

The Operate in China service helps foreign companies that:

  • Need qualified staff to run China operations day-to-day
  • Want to launch new initiatives or scale existing ones faster
  • Require compliance guidance to avoid regulatory missteps
  • Seek on-the-ground supervision and troubleshooting
  • Lack internal resources to manage China execution

We serve as your trusted operations partner for flawless execution in China.

Why Corporation China

Key advantages of having Corporation China operate your China initiatives:


Proven Execution

Our team executes seamlessly based on your strategic plans.


Speed and Efficiency

We prevent delays, resolve issues promptly, and optimize workflows.


Oversight and Control

We provide complete visibility into your China operations.


Peace of Mind

With professionals on the ground, you can focus on high-level priorities.

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Avoidable Pitfalls When Operating In China

Companies starting operations in China often encounter challenges that could have been prevented with the right local partner:

Communication and Language Barriers

English abilities can be limited, leading to miscommunications, incorrect documentation, and contractual disputes. Our bilingual team bridges these gaps seamlessly.

Regulatory and Statutory Compliance

China’s complex bureaucratic environment leads to missteps on permits, licensing, HR policies, and other compliance aspects. Our experts ensure you remain compliant.

Guanxi and Local Relationships

As outsiders, foreign companies lack the connections and relationships needed to get things done efficiently. We leverage our insider guanxi and partnerships on your behalf.

Practical Knowledge Gaps

There are many operational intricacies foreign companies are unaware of. We fill knowledge gaps based on on-the-ground experience managing China initiatives daily.

Navigating China’s Bureaucracy Seamlessly

The bureaucratic environment in China is notoriously convoluted for foreign companies to navigate alone. Licensing, permits, financial compliance, HR policies, and other areas often trip them up.

Corporation China has over 15 years of experience successfully steering foreign companies through China’s bureaucracy. Our local experts handle all aspects of compliance and regulatory procedures seamlessly on your behalf.

This allows you to focus on business strategy and operations while we mitigate your risk and handle time-consuming administrative processes expertly. Partner with us for peace of mind that you are operating legally and correctly in China from day one.

steps to register a wfoe company in China

Our Hybrid Local Execution Solutions

Typical consultants only advise on what to do. Local freelancers may help operationally in the short run. We provide the best of both worlds for your China success:

  • Strategic Planning: Our advisors craft tailored strategic plans aligned to your objectives.
  • Local Execution: Our team handles all ground-level execution, project management, and daily operations.
  • Oversight: We supervise processes and personnel to optimize performance.
  • Compliance Management: Our experts ensure legal, statutory, and regulatory compliance.
  • Issue Resolution: We troubleshoot any problems promptly and prevent foreseeable pitfalls.
  • Local Relationships: We leverage our insider relationships and guanxi with vendors, partners and officials to facilitate smooth operations and execution.

How We Launch Your China Operations Step-By-Step

Corporation China follows a proven process to ensure your China operational launch is smooth, compliant, and sets you up for ongoing success:

Required Documentation for WFOE Company Formation In China

1. Strategic Planning

  • Discuss your operational objectives, needs and challenges in China.
  • We formulate tailored operational strategies aligned to your goals.
  • Key focus areas include staffing, compliance, locations, reporting, KPIs.

2. Setup and Licensing

  • Arrange physical office/facility needs, equipment, IT infrastructure.
  • Handle legal compliance, permits, licenses and HR requirements.
  • Hire suitable local staff to meet your operational needs.

3. Process Optimization

  • Implement best practices for workflows, operations, and management.
  • Establish KPIs/metrics and reporting procedures.
  • Set up troubleshooting protocols and risk management.

4. Ongoing Management

  • Manage daily operations and oversee personnel and performance.
  • Provide hands-on support and additional resources as needed.
  • Continuously optimize processes and staffing as you scale.
  • Ensure ongoing legal and regulatory compliance.

Let Us Make Your China Entry a Success

With Corporation China’s step-by-step operational launch process, we build a solid foundation for your success in China right from the start. Let our experts get your operations up and running quickly and smoothly.

Start your Operations in China

Let our experts tailor the optimal solution for your operations

Start your business journey in China and join our community of 1,500+ clients partnering with Corporation China.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Sales Office in China

What exactly is your Operate in China service?

It provides the dedicated operations team in China to handle local hiring, management, workflows, licensing, reporting and any other ground-level execution tasks to run your China initiatives successfully.

What types of operations do you handle?

Any functions - sales teams, production, logistics, customer service, IT development, back office. We build the optimal local team for your needs.

Can you operate my existing WFOE entity?

Absolutely. We can provide supplemental operational support, management and oversight to boost the performance of your current WFOE.

How does hiring and staffing work?

We handle local recruiting, contracts, payroll, benefits and compliance. You control headcount, hiring criteria, salary ranges and management.

Do you assist with practical legal compliance?

Our experts ensure ongoing compliance across HR, tax, licenses, data privacy, IP protection, financial reporting and all other areas.

How do you troubleshoot operational issues?

We have qualified managers on the ground to quickly identify issues and implement solutions before they escalate or lead to non-compliance.

What reporting and oversight is provided?

You receive customized reporting with KPIs on team performance, budgeting, compliance, risk factors and any other aspects key to your oversight.

Can we directly manage the local staff?

Yes, we provide access and facilitate best practices for management, but you retain full control over the day-to-day responsibilities and work.

How can we scale up operations with growth?

We make scaling seamless by recruiting, onboarding and integrating additional headcount and resources based on your evolving needs.

Why choose Corporation China?

We have a 15+ year track record running end-to-end operations for foreign companies throughout China. Our experts become your trusted operational partners.

Not Ready to Start a Company?

China Presence

Be  in China without a physical office -  we represent you. 

  • Start in just 25 days
  • Dedicated China team to represent your company
  • Manage operations remotely
  • Maintain control of your brand image and IP
  • Minimize investment and risk

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