Your Sales office in China 

Start Your Sales in China, and We Handle the Hard Parts

With Corporation China’s Sell to China solution, your company can swiftly begin sales and distribution in China without the grind of setting up local operations.


We handle licensing, importation, logistics, and other operational aspects to get your products legally on shelves and sites.


Our on-the-ground staff directly engages in sales, marketing, and partnership development to promote and sell your offerings in China.


We handle licensing, importation, logistics, and other operational aspects to get your products legally on shelves and sites.

Think China Business is Complex? We Might Change Your Mind.

Sell to China - China presence

Kickstart your business journey in China and join our outstanding community of more than 1,500 clients

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Sell To China – Your Sales Office in the World’s Biggest Market

Expanding into the immense Chinese consumer market is an alluring growth opportunity for foreign brands. However, setting up local sales operations in China from the ground up requires massive investment and complex licensing and legal processes.

Corporation China offers an accelerated solution through our Sell to China service. It establishes your own sales office in China quickly, staffed by our experts who handle all the licensing, importation, recruitment, and other tedious setup processes on your behalf.

Who Is It For?

The Sell to China service is ideal not just for consumer brands, but for any company that:

  • Wants to tap into China sales but lacks local expertise and boots-on-the-ground. This includes B2B companies, service providers, manufacturers, etc.
  • Needs swift market entry without undergoing lengthy entity setup and regulatory hurdles.
  • Seeks to outsource operational complexities to trusted China experts.
  • Wants to maintain control over branding, offerings, pricing, and sales strategy in China.

We essentially serve as your operational arm for sales expansion based on your strategic directives. With boots-on-the-ground, your company can swiftly capitalize on China opportunities.

Key Benefits of Your Sales Office in China

The main benefits of Sell to China Service include:


Swift Sales Velocity

Begin selling your products, services or capabilities in China within weeks rather than the 12-18 months required for entity registration and licensing. This rapid time-to-revenue accelerates growth.


Experienced Local Team

Our knowledgeable bilingual team based in China handles all operational aspects including localization, partnerships, importing and logistics, marketing, sales negotiations, and day-to-day execution.


Low Upfront Cost

Requires much lower initial investment than building in-house infrastructure and hiring local sales teams yourself in China. Flexible to your growth.

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Avoidable Pitfalls When Selling in China

Expanding into the Chinese market comes with inherent challenges and pitfalls for foreign companies:


Navigating Complex Regulations and Licensing

  • Selling products or services locally requires securing proper business licenses, product certifications, import permits, and navigating numerous regulatory hurdles. The complexity can be daunting.
  • Our experts handle licensing, compliance, importation logistics, and other convoluted processes to get your offerings to market quickly and legally.

Establishing Local Partnerships and Distribution

  • As a foreign brand, you lack the local connections with vendors, retailers, distributors and sales channels needed to effectively penetrate the consumer market.
  • With our decades of China experience, Corporation China can swiftly match you with and negotiate partnerships for suitable distribution channels and sales networks based on your offerings and business model.

Tailoring Marketing and Messaging

  • Your branding and messaging that resonates domestically may not appeal to Chinese consumers the same way. Localizing and adapting your marketing is crucial.
  • Our bilingual team helps adapt your branding, messaging, campaigns and assets to be culturally relevant and compelling for targeting China’s unique demographics and consumer preferences.
steps to register a wfoe company in China

What Our China Sales Services Entail

Corporation China provides end-to-end support to get your products and services selling in China:

  • Licensing and Compliance: Securing necessary permits, product approvals, and legal clearances for domestic sales.
  • Importing and Logistics: Handling product importing, customs clearance, bonded warehousing, and delivery logistics.
  • Localization: Adapting branding, marketing assets, packaging, and messaging for the Chinese consumer.
  • Channel Partnerships: Vetting and establishing partnerships with suitable distributors, ecommerce platforms, physical retailers, etc.
  • Marketing and Promotions: Executing in-market campaigns, digital marketing, social media, and promotions to raise awareness.
  • Selling and Negotiations: Direct business development and sales outreach, including contract negotiations.
  • Performance Oversight: Providing ongoing management and optimization of the sales process and activities.

Our consultants leverage their extensive experience with these authoritative sources to uncover the comprehensive insights you need. No shortcuts – just rigorous validation from primary data.

China Presence offer 

Matching Solutions for Your China Sales Maturity

Customized solutions tailored to your current sales capabilities in China:

Required Documentation for WFOE Company Formation In China
    • Market Exploration: Competitor benchmarking, product validation, focus groups with local consumers, insights on customer preferences, and purchasing criteria.
    • Go-To-Market Execution: Full launch execution including importing and licensing, localization of branding and messaging, selecting optimal sales channels, marketing, and direct selling.
    • Scaling Your Presence: Expanding reach and offerings, optimizing channel mix, partnerships, and marketing, and building out local team capabilities.
    • Ad Hoc Sales Support: Getting on-demand assistance resolving a specific sales issue, challenge, or dispute. Micro-task specialized help.

    In summary, our flexible China sales solutions empower you to:

    • Validate product-market fit before the major investments
    • Launch swiftly when ready through optimal channels
    • Expand strategically as sales ramp up
    • Get specialized help resolving specific sales issues

    So you can focus on the big picture while we handle the details.

    Start your Sales in China

    Let our experts tailor the optimal solution for your operations

    Start your business journey in China and join our community of 1,500+ clients partnering with Corporation China.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Sales Office in China

    What is a Sales Office in China?

    It is a local operational outpost in China focused on sales, distribution, marketing and business development, without having to establish your own legal entity. Corporation China sets it up and staffs it for you.

    How does a Sales Office in China work?

    Corporation China handles licensing, office setup, recruiting sales staff, compliance and operations. You oversee strategy and branding. We essentially serve as your sales and distribution arm in China.

    What are the key benefits of a Sales Office?

    - Fast setup (weeks) vs. 12-18 months for WFOE registration - Experienced local sales team manages execution - Don't need to incorporate local legal entity yet - Flexibility in location and team sizing - Low initial and fixed cost structure

    Can your Sales Office distribute imported products?

    Yes, we obtain the licenses and permits needed to import, clear customs, warehouse and distribute foreign products in China on your behalf.

    How much control do I have over a China Sales Office?

    Full control over your brand image, offerings, pricing, partnerships and sales strategy. Corporation China handles licensing, importation, HR, compliance and execution.

    Can your Sales Office lease its own space?

    Yes, we can arrange leasing office space under our own legal entity and have signage/branding displayed for your China Sales Office.

    Does your Sales Office handle ecommerce or digital sales?

    Absolutely. We help sell your products on Chinese ecommerce sites, social commerce channels, set up WeChat stores, and execute digital marketing.

    What staff does your Sales Office provide?

    We recruit and manage suitable local sales, marketing and operational staff in China on your behalf. Staffing is customized to your needs.

    Can you transition a Sales Office to my own WFOE later?

    Yes, once you decide to establish your own legal WFOE entity in China, we can smoothly transition the Sales Office over with minimal disruption.

    How do I start setting up a China Sales Office?

    Contact Corporation China to discuss your China sales objectives. We will assess your needs and craft a customized Sales Office solution to make your market entry swift and successful.

    Not Ready to Start a Company?

    China Presence

    Be  in China without a physical office -  we represent you. 

    • Start in just 25 days
    • Dedicated China team to represent your company
    • Manage operations remotely
    • Maintain control of your brand image and IP
    • Minimize investment and risk

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