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China Company Registration

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HongKong Company Setup

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Startup confidently.

Setting up your Business in China

Setting up a Company in China, can seem a daunting task, but if you want to access to 1.4 Billion People then its such a big market to miss out on Corporation China since its founding in 2003 has enabled many international companies to develop strategies, set up business, and successfully penetrate the Chinese market ,working with many clients from over 15 countries, Fortune 500 companies, through its 10 years of experience in the Chinese market Corporation China offers a Turn Key Solution from Registering your Company , sorting out the virtual address and taking care of your company Tax and Accounting , so that you can concentrate on DOING BUSINESS !

China Company Registration

How to expand your business globally by set up your own company in China (WFOE-Wholly Foriegn Owned Enterprise)

— No Real Office Needed

— No Registered Capital Required

— No Need to Visit China

— Set-up in 30 working days


Legal Entity Types

Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE)

1. 100% Foreign Owned

2. Remittance of Profit to Home Country

3. 30-days Registration

4. Secure Protection of Trademark and Trade Secrets

5. No Requirements for a Chineses Partners

Joint-Venture Enterprise

1. High-quality Distributions Channels

2. Well-established Government Relations

3. Convenience of Import & Export

4. Local Reimbursement Policy

5. Strong Local Network

Representative Office (RO)

1.Efficient China Market Research

2.Fast and Proficient Set-up

3. Launch of Product Exposure & Promotion

4.Test the Market before making Strategic Decision

5. Restricted to Liaison Activities

Foreign Partnership Enterprise

1. Flexible Distribution of Profit and Dividends

2. More opporunties for tax planning

3. Can be Wholly or Partly owned by Foreign Investors

4. Autonomy of profit-sharing structure

5. Best for Private Equity

Documents Required


The verification of shareholders and legal representative is essential for company registration. We require you sending us a photocopy of the identification page of the passport. All foreign passports need to be sent to China Embassy for notarization and authentication.

Registration Proof

Registration proof includes the name, domain and overall legal sturcture of your company, which covers rules of procedure, stipulation, accounting principal, Shareholder’s capitals contributions, labour management, dissolution and registered capital of parent company.

Registered Office Address

One-year office lease agreement is necessary for China Company Registration. You need to provide the lease agrrement and property owenership certificate to the government before you starting up the application.We’ve pioneered the field of supplying  Registered addresses that can serve as your location for your company office in China.

What do you receive after your company is registered ?

Business License

The 3-in-1 business license stands for your Organization Code, Tax Registration Code and Social Security Registration Certificate.

Article of Association

AoA includes the name, domain and legal sturcture of your company, which covers rules of procedure, stipulation, accounting principal and etc.

Stamp & Seal

Company Official Seal, Financial Stamp, Legal Representative Seal and Invoice Seal

Next Steps 

China Bank Account Opening

Includes RMB basic account, capital account and foreign exchange account (single currency)

Tax Registration

Golden tax-bureau disk, Blank Invoice Note and Inovice Printing Machine

Accounting Standard

Chinese Accounting Standard requires you to file the financial statements and tax return monthly. Annual report is also mandatory.

Tax Requirement

Coporate tax rate is 25%, tax rate can be reduced if you register your company in the Free Trade Zone.

License & Certificate

Import & Export License

China has categorized import into 3 types which are Permitted, Restricted and Prohibited. For export system, the three types of export are export quota license, export quota tender and export license.

Medical Device License

If you need help with acquiring your NMPA (National Medical Device and Pharmaceutical regulations) approval, Corporation China can offer assistance with medical device registration.

ICP License

ICP stands for Internet Content provider. It is a license issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to permit China-based website operation and associated business activites

Liquor License

Import of alchol beverages should be registered with General Administration of Quality Supervision. For alcohol manufacturing, a joint-venture company is recommended for products promotion.

Food License

Food license can be divided into three categories in China, which are food production license (health inspection required), catering license (Group Meal) and food distribution license. (retail and wholesale)

Travel Agency License

To register a travel agency company in China, the following requirments should be achieved. Minimum registered capital: 2.5 million RMB; Bank Deposit:600,000 RMB.

Human Resources License

Human resources license is required if company is offering payroll, recruitment, individual income&tax service. Five employees have to hold certain certificate to proceed the license application.


NVOCC stands for Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier.NVOCC license is required for China Logistic  Company Set-up to engage in transport contract and operations.

Corporation China

Corporation China is voted the Best Company Formation Firm in China for the last 5 years.It is the Leading and Largest Legal Consulting firm in Asia Pacific with over 15 years of experience,40+ locations in China,and a Global Network of over 50 offices.

Largest Legal Consulting firm in Asia Pacific

First to introduce Registered Address Concept

Only to have own Special Economic Zone

Free Trade Zone


No restriction Money Transfer
Fast Set-up
No Registered Capital needed
Bonded Zone



 Corporation china turnkey Solutions

China Company Registration

We take care of the complete China Company WOFE  Registration process


Shanghai Free Trade Zone

The Shanghai Free Trade Zone is the best choice for Trading and brands entering the Chinese Market


  •  No Capital Requiremen
  • Registered Address supplied
  • Fully Bonded Zone
  • Duty-free imports and re-exports

China Trademark Registration

Protecting your trademark  is the first step when entering into the Chinese market


  • Protect your Trademark
  • Free Identical Search and Consultation
  • Online trademark registration
  • Free trademark search

Hong Kong Bank Account

Hong Kong Bank account opening with our partner banks with a Money Back Guarantee


  • Guaranteed Approval
  • Fast & Easy Account Opening
  • NO Nationality Limit
  • Money Back Guarantee

Opening a China Online store

The largest online market in the world with over $750 billion in sales.


  • Biggest Distribution Network in China
  • WECHAT Store

Company Registered Address

We invented the Registered Address and the ONLY company that can provide an the address for Life


  • Legal address of China Company
  • Required for register your WOFE
  • China Registered Address for Life™
  • Fast and Economical

Our experience with Corporation China was first rate.

“Our experience with Corporation China was first rate. The personal attention to our issues and the prompt action in every instance was inspiring. As newcomers to the Greater China market, we were guided with expertise around every challenge. I would not hesitate to recommend Marco Pearman-Parish and his staff to any company or institution looking to work in the PRC.

Sean McLain – CEO/Managing Director

Corporation China did an amazing job to make Taylor Swift’s brand a successful in China

“Taylor Swift launched her Fashion Brand in China. Corporation China established their Hong Kong and China WOFE that was the foundation for Taylor Swift’s Brand in China. Corporation China also did the branding , trademarks and opened and designed their JD and Tmall online stores.

Kate Liegey – CEO/Managing Director

Stem Marketing is now one of the leading marketing firm in China

“In 2014 Stem Marketing contacted Corporation China to set up a consulting company in Shanghai to provide marketing and market research services.

Fast forward to 2016, Stem Marketing is now one of the leading marketing firm choices for foreign brands in China.

Brian Zhang – Managing Director

Many Companies have Successfully entered the Chinese market thought their partnership with us

Corporation China offers companies coming to China a turnkey solution that allows for a quick start. We provide everything you need to conduct business in China, from incorporating your company, registering your trademarks, setting up a virtual office, fine-tuning your marketing plan

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