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How to expand your business to China by setting up Taobao Store.

What Is Taobao?

How to market in China by  Opening  a Taobao store ?

Taobao Store Registration

Bilibili (NASDAQ: BILI), known as B站 (B Site) by its users, is one of China’s three most used video apps. So why is it different from the others? Its focus on entertainment, everyday activities, and ACG content (Anime, Comics & Gaming) make it the best channel to target China Z Generation. But Bilibili doesn’t only offer video broadcasting. It also includes live streaming services, like hosting the 2020 New Year Gala online event, virtual idols concerts, and influencers in CGI (computer-generated images). Bilibili is also one of the few platforms, together with, to have been selected for the digital Yuan, the new Chinese digital currency expected to be quickly adopted by young Chinese citizens.

Weibo is a system that enables you to interact with the masses

Weibo business can:

  • Increase brand name understanding
  • Transform users into customers
  • Keeping consumers already obtained
  • marketing via Word of mouth
  • Team up with KOLs
  • Record real-time streaming many thanks to incorporated systems
  • Accomplish targeted marketing campaign
  • Market items via the Weibo store
  • Weibo is also an eCommerce system

Why should a business use Weibo to promote and also sell its products?
Promoting your brand and also products on Weibo is not an option yet a necessity. As a matter of fact, if WeChat conveys a type of one-to-one communication, Weibo permits you to get to a much wider target as well as to do it faster.

Should you consider Bilibili for your marketing strategy in China?

Long story short, if you plan on targeting young Chinese, you should consider Bilibili as both a valuable communication channel and a great source of information. Bilibili is compatible with most Chinese social apps and has its own WeChat mini program (think about it as a mini app built within WeChat that improves the user experience), so users can easily share videos from Bilibili directly on WeChat groups and feeds. If a brand’s product line has a strong resonance with the target of this platform, the first step to take is always to open a verified account: much like for WeChat accounts, the verification makes you more credible in front of your consumers and gives your content stronger protection over IP infringements, but it also opens the possibility for deeper cooperation with Bilibili. Use this vantage point to listen to what your customers want to see and produce videos that can best align with their expectations. Finally, pair content creation with a Key Opinion Consumer campaign (a marketing word meaning “micro-influencers”) to make your products stand out and help create brand positioning in China, completing the foundations of your brand awareness strategy.

From that point, you can start thinking about scaling up your marketing efforts and start preparing your business for generating sales through live streaming on other platforms, being careful not to stray too much from your starting audience.

What does Weibo Store mean for brand names?

Ultimately, Weibo determined to disable straight links to Tmall and also Taobao in order to motivate the profile of customers of Sina social media to acquire directly on Weibo. This implies that customers will have the ability to open up and manage their store straight.
Contrasted with other shopping platforms such as Tmall as well as Jingdong, Weibo does not have item listing as well as management functions as well as have to connect to third-party platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, and Youzan. Its nature is much more like WeChat, yet it has more promotion as well as administration features than WeChat.

 Opening a Taobao Store

You can open a Taobao account through the Taobao user registration page and go to the Main Seller tab on your account page to make an application to open a Taobao store.

The 7 Steps to register a Taobao Store

Step 1. Set up a Taobao account and register as a Seller

Step 2. Connect account to Alipay

Step 3. Complete identification authentication

Step 4. Create a store, connect plugins, and set up

Step 5. Design store

Step 6. Upload products (referred to as “babies”)

Step 7. Promote and market store and products

If you need help understanding or reading Chinese, opening a Taobao store can be hard because it is only available in Chinese. It is possible to use some translation tools to help you open your Taobao account to buy items. But setting up your Alipay account and trying to get a seller account takes work. Usually, it would help if you lived in or worked with a Corporation China.

The Corporation China Taobao team can assist you to navigate the process and set up your Taobao store fast. Alternatively, if you are selling an individual or a small number of items or want to understand if your products are able sell in China, then you can simply provide us with your product description and good-quality images, and Corporation China  can do the rest. Contact us to find out how we can help you start selling your products on China’s largest e-commerce marketplace.

How to open a Weibo store

Weibo online streaming
Firms should not neglect that profiting from these online streaming is via KOLs. KOLs, as resellers, are the new D2C fad in China. Brands must team up with them not just in a viewpoint very closely connected to sales but likewise to enhance brand name recognition amongst the populace.

What is a Weibo Store?
Weibo has actually determined to study the globe of social business as well as introduced its Weibo Store. Weibo is most definitely shedding individuals contrasted to rapidly developing platforms like Zhihu, Douyin, and Bilibili that adapt to trends. Now, Weibo has chosen to make room for users to make acquisitions on the system and simultaneously reduce the void with various other systems.
Weibo store allows the microblogging platform’s users to include goods hosted on C2C marketplaces, including Taobao,, and also Youzan to the platform. This device likewise makes it simple for them to market these items.
Social eComerce with Weibo
The social site is currently enabled to consist of links that brought about exterior commerce, yet with Xiaodian, which in Chinese indicates ‘tiny shop,’ it is currently feasible to straight manage the supply and also process all deals.

Weibo Store is an eCommerce service platform that can supply users with a complete set of store management solutions, which can generally:
take care of advertise items and supply statistical procedure data

What are the functions of the Weibo store?
The Weibo store straight sustains the duplicating of web links from eCommerce systems such as Taobao, Youzan, and so on to develop goods.
Taobao items require to be ensured to have actually signed up with the Taobao affiliate library before they can be added successfully.

What is Weibo? - paid

Commodity/Products management
Firms can take care of all the products included in the shop and sustain the removal, editing and enhancing, updating as well as referral of the items.
Item selection center
Weibo e-commerce promotes excellent quality partnership products, and companies can straight pick the appropriate items from the item selection facility as well as include them in the store.

Bound shop
Weibo store sustains to include items from third-party stores to tiny shops.
Information service
Firms can see the core company data of the shop, including eCommerce, income, and exposure value.

Weib Promotions
It is utilized to set promo info, including whether to display promotion info and new and also affiliated promo information.

Exactly how to open up a Weibo Store?
Weibo stores can be opened by private customers or by the business.
The distinction is that a private customer’s store can only be opened up by the Chinese. Instead, business stores can be opened by Foreign and also Chinese firms.
Additionally, private customers require to register through smartphones and also ID card confirmation, while companies just require an authenticated Weibo account to open it.
As we stated before, the Weibo store enables the microblogging system’s customers to include goods hosted on C2C marketplaces. For that reason, a web link to various other shopping platforms like Taobao, Youzan, and also Tmall is necessary.

Exactly how do you get an authenticated Weibo account?
The primary step to getting going with Weibo is to open up the main account and also obtain the page validated. This, which dawns as a “blue V” alongside the username, serves to show that the account data have been confirmed and also validated by Weibo. In truth, it may occur to discover phony pages of renowned people or businesses.
Confirmation is consequently crucial on the one hand to develop a count on Chinese users, on the various other, to be able to personalize the account and obtain the sophisticated target market understandings necessary for advertising and marketing purposes.

To have an authenticated Weibo account actually:
A company in China must supply the firm permit, application letter, and contact details of the account manager and also pay a fee of 300RMB.
A firm outside of China has to give documents in Chinese, a third event consent as well, and pay a $ 1,000 fee.

What are the expenses of a Weibo store?
Opening a Weibo store is free, yet you need to pay the certificate account fee initially. The cost is different from a qualified account made by a Chinese business (300 RMB) and also a company outside China (1000 dollars).
Furthermore, firms should pay a commission for items marketed on the eCommerce system, particularly:
6% for Taobao item sales,
5% for Youzan product sales,
greater than 6% for various other platform sales

Key Opinion Leaders

Weibo is the favorite system for KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders), as well as their function can often prove crucial for the development of a strong and also successful brand name identification.
Business on Weibo can promote their brand name, engage with clients and also offer their items, all on the very same platform.

What is a weibo girl? She can be used as a KOL and help promote your products.Difference between weibo and weibo international is that it specifically for overseas account holders. Its main advantage is that it can automatically translate user-generated content, unlike the Chinese Weibo app and website, which only translates in-app instructions.
Weibo has made a decision to dive into the globe of social business and launched its Weibo Store. Weibo is definitely shedding customers contrasted to swiftly developing systems like Zhihu, Douyin, and also Bilibili that adapt to fads. Currently, Weibo has actually made a decision to make space for users to make purchases on the platform and also all at once decrease the void with other systems.

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