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Taylor Swift to launch exclusive clothing line in China [Updated]


American pop singer Taylor Swift is joining forces with China’s leading e-commerce companies to launch an exclusive line of women’s clothing in an effort to curb the proliferation of unauthorized merchandise in the Chinese market ahead of her upcoming “1989” tour date in Shanghai.

The Wall Street Journal elaborates:

[…] Ms. Swift is launching her own Taylor Swift-branded clothing with China’s two biggest e-commerce players, Inc. and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Her strategy is to use her star status to get them to stop selling products that don’t have rights to use her name, according to Heritage66Company, a Nashville-based branding company that is representing Ms. Swift and bringing her line to China.

Starting Aug. 8, and Alibaba’s Tmall marketplace site will carry Taylor Swift-branded $60 designer T-shirts, said Kate Liegey, chief operating officer of Heritage66. In September, she said, the singer will launch a women’s collection exclusively on, with clothing priced from $100 to $120. All products will have antipiracy hanging tags that enable customers to track their authenticity on the Web and offer an alternative to the plethora of fake Taylor Swift products available online, said Ms. Liegey.

The products will be available on’s new “US Mall” platform, where, as The AV Club explains, “Chinese consumers will be able to purchase ‘authentic American’ products like Converse tennis shoes and branded Jeep apparel, only a very small portion of which is actually probably made in America.”News of the exclusive line emerges as the Team Swift is pushing her anticipated “1989” tour stop in Shanghai from November 10-12. Aside from crop tops and high-waisted pants galore, shoppers can expect a plethora of products branded with name of her most recent album, which, as some observant China-watchers pointed out,happens to match a certain sensitive date marking the Anniversary That Shall Not Be Named in China.

As much as we’d love to consider the clothing line a subversive effort to undermine China’s censors, it’s unclear whether the above sweater will actually be released in China, as it doesn’t appear in the Chinese clothing line’s promotional video.

And god knows that Swift, aka “Tay Tay” aka “Mei Mei” aka heavenly-angel-walking-among-mere-mortals-according-to-every-BuzzFeed-article, wouldn’t dare go out of her way to stir up “Bad Blood” (sorry) with China, home to 1.35 billion potential new BFFs.

UPDATE [July 24, 10:30 a.m.]: The censoring has begun! CCTV News published this photo yesterday in a Facebook post announcing Tay Tay’s new clothing line. What’s missing?


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