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Top Reasons to Register China Trademark

Claim your brand name

Is your trademark recognized in China? Having branded goods manufactured in China doesn’t protect you from your brand name being seized. China is a primary-to-file jurisdiction for logos, this means that if you don’t claim your trademark, someone else will!

The Chinese Trademark Registration Law states: “Any natural person, legal entity or other organization intending to acquire the exclusive right to use a trademark, including service mark, shall file an application for the registration of the trademark with the Trademark Office”.

China Trademark Registration squatters will specifically register the logos of foreign owned businesses. Protect your production operations in China from being ransomed ransom by threats of trademark infringement. Especially, before you even bring your business plans to set up a business in China.

Even though this is your own brand name with offices in a foreign company or corporate offices in China. Don’t be held ransom or forced to buy the rights to your own copyright ideas, get protection against trademark infringement in China and register your trademark, don’t delay.

What qualifies for a registered trademark in China?

  • Logos and symbols that distinguish the goods or service of one entrepreneur or business owner, legal entity or any other organization in China.
  • Any word, design, letters of an alphabet, numerals, three-dimensional symbol, combinations of colors, will compliment your trademark registration process in China.
  • After 2002, three-dimensional symbols or combinations of colors also qualify for China trademark application for registered trademarks in China. However, certain words or symbols, like countries names, international organizations names and symbols (UNESCO, United Nations) cannot be registered as trademarks.

Protection against Customs

The patents, registrations, or trademarks you have to protect your foreign business must be valid in China. Protect yourself against the risk of your products be labeled as counterfeit goods and seized by Chinese Customs.

  • Be aware of product protection in China.

In a good deal of cases, foreign trademark has no relevance in China. These intellectual properties will be subject to confiscation by Chinese Customs officers. The only way to protect your products in China and prevent Chinese Customs seizure is to begin Chinese trademark application.

 China Trademark Registration – Future planning

There’s no doubt that China is at the epicenter of Asia-Pacific trade and an emerging market that will continue to be a massive market to open your wholly foreign owned corporate entities.

  • When will you start your business in China? Today, tomorrow, someday.

Start your strategy now and be proactive about opening your business in China. Plan your future in the China Trademark Registration database to make sure that you have the ability to register your brand name.  The time to complete filing with China trademark offices can take a year from the trademark application date.

  • Why wait for your China Trademark Registration?

Requesting a registry name with the intellectual property office in China will make it that much easier for you to enter the marketplace and move forward with your plans to start a business in China. Begin the process with Corporation China for a trademark search.

Increased market growth

Over the past five years, the growth rate of China’s trademark registration has steadily increased with the number of China trademark registration applications reaching over 5 million in 2017.

  • Increased Statistics for China trademark registration applications 2013 – 2017 grew 55.7% annually.

Since 2001, China has ranked first in the world for foreign owned business apply for trademark registration.

  1. Almost 30 million China Trademark Registration applications were made last year and the chances for opportunities to protect your brand in China are becoming scarcer.
  2. The total number of Chinese trademark applications is around 27 million
  3. The total number of foreign owned business with Chinese registered trademarks is around 17 million

Start with the most important step of setting up business operations in China. Make sure to trademark search for Chinese patent application. Start the process of valid registered trademark status in China to protect against copyright infringement and intellectual theft.

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