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WFOE registration – Secure Full Control of Your China Operations

WFOE is Ideal for Various Industries – Consulting, trading, manufacturing, tech services


Complete Statutory Compliance: We navigate the intricate legal landscape for you, ensuring your enterprise is fully compliant with China’s stringent regulations.


Tailored Solutions for Your Business: Whether you are a small startup or a multinational corporation, we offer bespoke solutions to meet your unique business needs


Transparent Timeline and Costs: With us, you know exactly what to expect. We provide a clear registration procedure’s timeline and a breakdown of all associated costs.

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Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise

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What is a China Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise(WFOE)?

A Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) is a limited liability company established in China that is fully owned and invested by foreign individuals or corporations. Unlike a representative office, a WFOE allows foreign companies to engage in direct business activities in China, from manufacturing and sales to consulting services. A properly registered WFOE is considered a legal Chinese entity and receives a business license from the Administration for Industry and Commerce. This allows the WFOE to hire local employees, invoice customers, pay taxes, and repatriate profits abroad. WFOEs provide foreign companies greater protection of intellectual property compared to joint ventures. Overall, establishing a WFOE enables foreign entities to have more control and flexibility when entering the Chinese market.

Which Type of WFOE is Right For Your Business?

There are different types of WFOEs tailored to specific industries and business needs. We can help you determine which structure is optimal to achieve your goals in China:

What industry is your company in? We can set up the right WFOE structure to fit your business activities in China:


Consulting WFOE – For professional services firms such as marketing, legal, training, software, and more. Benefits include ability to invoice clients and flexibility in business scope.


Trading WFOE – For import/export trading companies. Benefits include access to free trade zones with lower costs.


Manufacturing WFOE – For companies producing goods in China. Benefits include ability to gain quality certifications needed to sell in China.


Food & Beverage WFOE – For restaurants, catering, food production. Benefits include ability to directly control standards and supply chain.


FICE (Foreign-Invested Commercial Enterprise) – For companies conducting wholesale, retail, or franchise activities in China. Benefits include ability to directly distribute and sell products.

Our team at Corporation China has extensive experience setting up each type of WFOE. We guide you in choosing the right structure aligned with your industry and business goals in China.

Benefits of Corporation China’s Expert WFOE Registration Services

Let Our Team Handle the Complexities While You Focus on Your Business


Compliance Assurance

We stay current on changing regulations and ensure your WFOE meets all requirements.


Local Network

Corporation China’s connections with government officials streamline the approval process.


Proven Strategy

We have a 99% success rate for client WFOE approvals.

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Who Can Register a WFOE in China

It is essential to note that certain industries in China are subject to foreign investment restrictions or prohibitions. In such cases, registering a WFOE may not be an option, and alternative business structures ()may need to be considered.

1. Foreign Business Entities

  • Corporations, enterprises, or firms that are incorporated outside of China and are recognized as legal entities in their home countries are typically eligible to establish a WFOE in China.
  • A foreign business entity should provide the necessary documentation to prove its legal status in its home country, including a business license or registration certificate.

2. Foreign Individuals

  • Individuals who are non-Chinese nationals can also establish a WFOE in China. This allows individual entrepreneurs to fully own and operate a business in China without a local partner.
  • The individual must be of legal age and should provide valid identification, such as a passport, along with proof of a stable financial status.

3. Foreign Institutional Investors

  • Institutional investors, such as venture capital firms or investment funds that are based outside of China, can establish a WFOE to make direct investments in the Chinese market.
  • Such institutions are required to provide detailed financial statements and must adhere to specific regulatory compliance standards set by Chinese authorities.

4. Special Economic Zone Entities

  • Businesses that are registered and operating in special economic zones (e.g., Shenzhen, Shanghai) may have different registration procedures and enjoy certain benefits, including tax incentives and streamlined approval processes.
  • Consult with a professional advisor to understand the unique regulations and advantages associated with establishing a WFOE in a special economic zone.
steps to register a wfoe company in China

WFOE Step-by-Step Registration in China
Corporation China take care of it all

Step 1: Initial Consultation and Market Entry Strategy

  • Corporation China’s experts provide an initial consultation to understand your business goals in China. A comprehensive market entry strategy, including potential locations and business scope, is developed.
  • Tip: Be clear about your long-term goals in China to allow for a tailored strategy that aligns with your vision.

    Step 2: Name and Business Scope Approval

    • Corporation China assists in the selection and approval of the Chinese and English names of your WFOE, ensuring compliance with Chinese regulations.
    • Tip: Choose a name that is culturally sensitive and resonates with your target market in China.

    Step 3: Business License and Corporate Structure

    • Corporation China manages the application process for the Business License, helping you design the most tax-efficient corporate structure and ensuring accurate capital contribution plans.
    • Tip: Trust the expertise of Corporation China to navigate complex Chinese corporate regulations.

      Step 4: Bank Account Opening and Capital Verification

      • With Corporation China’s assistance, open a corporate bank account in a top-tier bank and complete the capital verification process.
      • Tip: Follow the guidance of Corporation China to understand the timeline and capital requirements.

        Step 5: Tax Registration and Fiscal Compliance

        • Corporation China ensures that your WFOE is registered with the tax bureau and is set up for ongoing statutory compliance.
        • Tip: Engage with Corporation China’s accounting services for seamless fiscal operations.

          Step 6: Additional Permits and Operational Setup

          • Corporation China guides you through obtaining any additional necessary permits and licenses and assists in setting up your operational presence, including office space and staffing.
          • Tip: Leverage Corporation China’s local knowledge to find strategic locations and qualified staff.

              Step 7: Ongoing Compliance and Business Support

              • After your WFOE is established, Corporation China offers services ranging from HR and payroll to annual compliance reviews, ensuring that your operations remain in line with local regulations.
              • Tip: Consider a long-term partnership with Corporation China for peace of mind and continued business success in China.

              Locations to set up a China Company

              Shanghai is the most popular, followed by Shenzhen
              Trading companies mainly open in the Free Trade zone, due to preferential policies.


              Streamlined Process for WFOE China Company Formation

              Required Documentation for WFOE Company Formation In China:

              Launch Your Entity in China Quickly and Compliantly with Corporation China

              Required Documentation for WFOE Company Formation In China

              Compiling the Necessary Materials to Register Your Entity

              To register a company in China, the following documents must be prepared and submitted:

              1. Company Name – We will obtain approval for your Chinese and English business name from the AMR.
              2. Shareholder and Management Information – Required details of company owners, directors, supervisors, and legal representative.
              3. Registered Address – Official company address in China, either existing office or virtual office.
              4. Articles of Association – Key document covering business scope, structure, objectives, etc. that we will draft.
              5. Feasibility Study – A business plan demonstrating the viability of your proposed company operations.
              6. Investment and Capitalization Details – Proposed registered capital, total investment amount, and sources.
              7. Licenses – Any additional permits or licenses depending on your business activities in China.

              Ready to Start a WFOE

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              Get Answers to Your China Launch Questions

              Expanding into a new market naturally involves questions. See some common FAQs about our China representation services below:

              What is a Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE)?

              A WFOE is a common investment vehicle for mainland China-based business wherein foreign parties (individuals or corporate entities) can incorporate a foreign-owned limited liability company.

              What are the primary advantages of establishing a WFOE?

              A WFOE allows for independent control and operation of your business, full repatriation of profits, and a structure that can adapt to your business needs.

              How much is the minimum capital contribution for a WFOE?

              China has largely abolished the minimum registered capital requirements for WFOEs, but the amount should be reasonable for the business scope.

              What is the registration procedure’s timeline for a WFOE?

              The registration process can take from 3 to 6 months, depending on the city and district.

              Are there specific industries where a WFOE cannot operate?

              Yes, some industries, such as education and media, have restrictions on foreign ownership.

              Is it mandatory to have a physical office space in China to register a WFOE?

              Yes, a physical office space in China is generally required for the registration of a WFOE.

              What are the key statutory compliance requirements for a WFOE?

              WFOEs must comply with annual audit reports, monthly tax filings, and other industry-specific regulations.

              Can the WFOE’s business scope be changed after registration?

              Yes, but changing the business scope requires application and approval from the relevant authorities.

              How does a WFOE repatriate profits back to its home country?

              After paying the applicable taxes, a WFOE can repatriate its profits through its foreign exchange bank by converting RMB to foreign currency.

              Can a WFOE hire foreign staff?

              Yes, a WFOE can hire foreign staff, but specific visa and work permit requirements must be met.

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