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China Foreign-Invested Commercial Enterprise Registration


How to expand your business to China by setting up Foreign-Invested Commercial Enterprise

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Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise

Types Of WOFE’s

1. Consulting or Service WOFE.

2. Manufacture or Factory type  WOFE

3. Trading WOFE – Wholesale, Retail or Franchise in China

4. FICE (Foreign-Invested Commercial Enterprise) FICE Registration

Business Scope

The Business Scope is narrowly outlined and understood for all businesses in China; a WOFE could solely wrongfully conduct business at intervals the business scope that seems on its business license.

In the application documents, the business scope is written as a listing of business activities that the WOFE can conduct in China, and therefore the initial commercial activity will outline the general nature of the WOFE for classification functions. The classification outlines the minimum needed capital, style of invoices, style of applicable taxes, etc. i. e., for a previous WOFE registration, the company’s business scope was written as “retail of cosmetic merchandise, coaching on cosmetic merchandise, after-sales services.” the character of this WOFE was thus outlined by the Chinese authorities as a “retail-trading WOFE”, so the desired registered capital was RMB300,000, and it had been ready to receive the Value-Added-Tax invoices that area unit essential to a commerce company in China.

Because the scope of business is crucially vital within the WOFE business registration application, we have a tendency to perpetually confers with the suitable officers to make sure each|that each} commercial activity that’s listed on the registration application is AN approved commercial activity which every commercial activity is intended as broadly speaking as allowable in order that shoppers is a lot of versatile in what activities they’re allowed to conduct. {we will|we’ll|we area unit going to} not submit AN application till we have a tendency to are assured that the appliance data follows the pertinent rules and laws which it’ll permit our shoppers to attain the most edges of running their businesses in China.

Registered Capital and Total Investment Quota

Registered Capital and Total Investment Quota area unit 2 vital sorts of capital that the Chinese officialdom can check to make sure that each area unit listed properly. The amounts for each sorts of capital can seem on the Approval Certificate and Business License.

Registered Capital is that the quantity of funds that the Chinese government needs of foreign investors to contribute to their comes in China (e.g. WOFE`s). The Chinese government sets necessities for the minimum quantity of registered capital to start out a business. Registered Capital should be of AN quantity bigger than the minimum demand of the China Company Law (currently RMB100,000). The Registered Capital will solely come back from the foreign investors, and should be really paid into the corporate checking account then verified by an freelance certified accounting agency in China. the number of registered capital is augmented however official procedures are going to be needed. Registered Capital should be no but seventieth of the entire Investment Quota; but, the magnitude relation could also be shrunken once the number of Registered Capital exceeds US$ three million.

The actual quantity of Registered Capital needed is subject to the ultimate approval of the approval authority. The Chinese officers have the correct to need a business to extend {the quantity|the quantity|the number} of Registered Capital if they reckon the minimum Registered Capital amount as deficient for the necessities of the startup business in line with the project description as written within the application documents. the ultimate quantity of Registered Capital needed is typically a results of negotiations with the suitable officers throughout the registration amount.

Total Investment Quota is that the total quantity of funds which will be endowed within the WOFE throughout its entire planned amount of operation. the entire Investment Quota should be bigger than or capable the Registered Capital. In contrast to Registered Capital, that should be absolutely paid into the WOFE`s Chinese checking account before beginning business operations, the entire Investment Quota is that the total quantity of funds planned to be contributed to the project over its period of time and it doesn’t essentially need to be absolutely deposited within the bank.

The surplus quantity of the entire Investment Quota over the Registered Capital will come back from sources aside from the foreign investors listed within the Articles of Association of the WOFE; for instance, it is borrowed from banks or different sources either within China or from overseas. This quantity is augmented however any extra amounts of Total Investment Capital should be approved by the relevant Chinese authorities.


Compared to registering a business in most Western countries, registering a business in China is difficult work full of work and functionary procedure. it’s much not possible to properly complete the registration method while not a certified agency. Take care that the agency is qualified and therefore the agency has smart connections and relationships with the assorted native authorities, which they possess comprehensive data concerning the many vital aspects committed wrongfully and properly registering a WOFE.

Wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WOFE) – China Incorporation

A Wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WOFE) is  an company established in China in line with Chinese laws and wholly closely-held by one or a lot of foreign investors. A WOFE could be a financial obligation company, which means that the liability of the shareholders is restricted to the assets they delivered to the business. Not like the easier representative workplace setup that is subject to variety of limitations, a WOFE will create profits and issue native invoices in RMB to its customers, that is crucial as invoices are the premise for getting tax deductions in China.

Compared to a venture, a WOFE has bigger freedom and independence, and might higher shield its intellectual properties. It may use native employees directly, while not obligation to use services from employment agencies. Though there’s no legal restriction on the amount of foreigners a WOFE will use, in follow the amount of foreign staff will depend upon the quantity of registered capital (discussed below) that the various company injects.

The Chinese government’s initial aim in allowing the institution of WOFEs in 1986 was to introduce advanced technology into China and to encourage export-oriented producing activities. Since then, the scope of business allowed to WOFEs has steady inflated.

After connexion the planet Trade Organization in 2001, WOFEs were allowed in consulting and management services, software, development and commerce. Any sectors are more and more unfolded within the course of the past few years.

The elementary legal bases for WOFEs are:

Law on Foreign-invested Enterprises (“WOFE Law”), effective April twelve, 1986 and later on revised on Gregorian calendar month thirty one, 2000;
Implementing Rules of the WOFE Law, effective Gregorian calendar month twelve, 1990 and later on revised on April twelve, 2001; and
Company Law, effective January one, 2006.

WOFE Setups

There are 3 distinct WOFE setups:

1. Consulting (or Service) WOFE;

2. Trading WOFE

3. Manufacturing WOFE

While all 3 structures share identical legal identity, they dissent considerably in terms of setup procedures, prices and also the vary of business activities during which they’re allowed to have interaction. commerce WOFEs and producing WOFEs should derive the bulk of their revenue from that main business, however may offer associated services. Meanwhile, some Service WOFEs may conduct commerce activities associated with their services.

When applying to line up a WOFE, the business scope should be per the applying. The business scope could be a one sentence description of the business activities during which a business can have interaction, and can seem on the business license. Note that the WOFE will solely conduct business activities at intervals its business scope and any amendments to the business scope need any application and approval, and might be quite time intense. We tend to embody samples of the business scope for every WOFE setup below.

Consulting (or Service) WOFE

A Service WOFE could be a company that has as its core activity the availability of services to 3rd parties. it’s the simplest style of financial obligation company to line up because it needs a shorter institution time-frame and a lower capital demand compared to a commerce WOFE or producing WOFE. Below is associate example of the business scope for a Service WOFE that gives technical services:

“To offer XXX technical services and consulting services for XXX technologies; technology transfer, technology consulting and technology development; and wholesale, import and export of connected product related to the availability of aforementioned technical consulting services and commission agency services (excluding auction) and different connected services.”

Trading WOFE

To engage in import and export activities still as domestic distribution (i.e., retail, wholesale and franchising trade activities) in China, a commerce company – additionally called a mongrel – may be established. commerce WOFEs will mix completely different business activities, e.g., collection and providing services. Below is associate example of a business scope for a FICE:

“Wholesale, commission agency (excluding auction), import and export of XXX products; after-sales services; technology transfer; technology consulting; technology development and different business consulting services.”

Manufacturing WOFE

Manufacturing WOFEs are corporations engaged in industries like machine producing and electronics; energy; building materials and construction; medical equipment; transportation; and animal and plant raising and breeding. A manufacturing WOFE is needed to rent a industrial plant house as its registered address.

The native Administration of business and Commerce (AIC) can physically check the industrial plant house before registering the WOFE. Additionally, producing WOFEs are needed to get approval from the Environmental Protection Bureau. In some cases, a full report on the calculable environmental impact of the industrial plant issued by associate appointed agent is needed, that is meant to confirm that producing production processes fits nominative environmental norms. The Bureau would require info concerning the raw materials used, the machinery and instrumentation, consumption and safe disposal of cyanogenetic product.

Associate example of the business scope of a producing WOFE is:

“Design, develop and manufacture XXX product and connected components and elements, sale of self-manufactured products; wholesale, import and export of comparable product and commission agency (excluding auction); provision of after-sale services and different associated services to the products; technical consulting, technical development and technology transfer.”

Registered Capital

Registered capital is the initial investment into a corporation that’s needed to fund its business operations till it’s in a very position to fund itself. Absolutely the minimum capital needs beneath Chinese law are RMB30,000 for multiple stockholder corporations and RMB100,000 for single stockholder corporations. In follow, however, the official needs for registered capital vary by business and region. With manufacturing WOFEs, for instance, the minimum registered capital is RMB1 million, subject to concerns like industrial plant size and instrumentation prices. Meanwhile, consulting WOFEs usually need RMB100,000, and trading ones need RMB500,000 for VAT functions.

Generally, locally-obtained RMB can not be injected as registered capital – it should be offshore RMB or RMB reborn from foreign currency sent in from the overseas capitalist. Subject to approval from the relevant authority, a distant capitalist will create capital contributions with RMB gained by different foreign-invested enterprises they need established in China.

RMB isn’t a freely convertible currency, thus beneath China’s pre-existing interchange administration regime, foreign investors have solely been ready to establish associated capitalize an FIE mistreatment foreign currency, which might then be reborn into RMB once the capital injection is finalized. However, as offshore RMB holdings have continued to grow, this previous rule has return harassed. starting in 2011, foreign investors were allowed for the primary time to use offshore RMB holdings to capitalize or acquire a Chinese FIE, and to fund its operations by means that of a cross-border RMB loan. mistreatment offshore RMB to ascertain associate FIE offers variety of benefits over the employment of ancient foreign currency. for instance, currently-held offshore RMB could also be used while not the expense of conversion, and exposure to volatility in foreign currency exchange rates may be lessened. For corporations heavily concerned in cross-border trade and investment with China, these reasons alone could also be enough.

Registered capital contributions may be created in-kind (e.g., machinery and instrumentation, industrial property rights, know how). Any machinery and instrumentation contributed should be necessary to the assembly of the WOFE involved and evaluated at traditional value. an in depth list of evaluated and priced things ought to be submitted as a part of the applying. once the machinery and instrumentation contributed reach a port in China, the WOFE ought to report back to the trade goods review authority in China associated apply for an review, associated an review report ought to be issued. In ought to be noted, however, that any industrial property rights or ability contributed shouldn’t exceed twenty % of the registered capital. It should even be closely-held by that foreign capitalist and evaluated in accordance with general international principles.

The payment schedule of the registered capital ought to be per the WOFE application for institution and its articles of association. The foreign capitalist will pay the capital contribution by installments, however the ultimate installment ought to be paid up at intervals 3 years following the issuing of the business license. the primary installment ought to be no but fifteen % of the capital contribution signed by the foreign capitalist, and paid up at intervals ninety days of the issuing of the WOFE’s business license. once payment of every installment of capital contribution, the WOFE ought to have interaction an authorized public businessperson in China to verify and issue a capital verification report.


  • Individual investor: The copy of the Company Directors Passports. 2 x Passports Copies that are notarized by the local authority and endorsed by the Chinese Embassy in your country
  • Overseas Company: 2x Certificate of Incorporations, Articles of Formation. All document certified by Chinese embassy or Chinese consulate overseas
  • 2x Bank Reference Letters from investor’s bank. The original bank reference of the Directors (issued by the bank)
  • Passport copy of: (a) Parent company’s director (b) China company’s Legal Representative and (c) China company’s supervisor
  • The China Legal Representative provide 6 photos (2 inches size on white background) and a brief resume CV (from the age of 18) (passport copy for foreigner and ID card copy for Chinese)
  • Registered capital; Business Scope; 3 proposed Chinese names of China company
  • Registered Address
  • 2x copies of the property ownership certificate of the registered address
  • 2x copies of the original lease contract and invoice of the registered address (If you using our Registered Address-This will be supplied by us More info)
  • Other documents that support your application , like business plan , scope of work – in Chinese

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