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Safeguard your brand and avoid infringement with proper trademark registration in China

As a foreign company entering the complex Chinese market, securing your intellectual property rights through trademark registration is a crucial first step. Our locally-expert team provides end-to-end guidance on the trademark application process, ensuring your brand identity is legally protected.


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Assistance with selecting appropriate classification codes


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Trademark registration in China

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4 Reasons Why Registering a Trademark in China is Absolutely Essential

China follows a first-to-file trademark system, meaning brand owners must proactively register to secure rights. Even if your trademark is registered elsewhere, it requires a separate application in the mainland. Without registration, your intellectual property is vulnerable in key ways:

Trademark Squatting – Opportunists in China actively monitor international brands and register their trademarks preemptively to later sell back at an inflated price.

Legal Recourse – You have limited grounds to prosecute infringers without a registered China trademark, even if legitimately selling the branded goods abroad.

Customs Enforcement – Chinese customs may seize imported goods if the brand is not registered locally, regarding them as counterfeit.

Business Requirements – Many Chinese partners mandate trademark registration to engage in licensing, manufacturing, distribution and e-commerce agreements.

An additional example for the “Why you MUST Register a Trademark in China”

A Cautionary Tale on the Risks of Not Registering

Consider the experience of New Balance, the globally popular athletic footwear brand. Despite their substantial international presence, New Balance only registered their trademark in China in 2017 after two decades of disputes.

Without registration, New Balance struggled to stop counterfeiting of their brand in the mainland. In some cases, their shoes were even seized by customs due to suspicion of being knockoffs.

After finally securing trademark registration, New Balance won a landmark $16 million anti-counterfeiting case in China in 2019. However, they could have avoided years of infringement headaches by proactively registering when first expanding into the market.

The Advantages of Trademark Registration with Corporation China 

Expert Guidance for Smooth Protection of Your Brand Identity. With decades of collective expertise, our team delivers efficient, compliant, and enforceable trademark registration in China’s complex legal environment


Time and Cost Effective

We expedite approvals and avoid supplementary costs through proper initial filings.


Local Expertise

Our experienced bilingual professionals simplify the complex application process.


Enforcement Support

We can assist with legal actions against infringers by leveraging our trademark database.

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Who is Eligible to Register a Trademark in China

China’s trademark registration system allows both individual and corporate applicants to secure exclusive rights over brand identifiers. Specifically:

Foreign individuals

  • Foreign individuals must appoint a China-based trademark agency to submit the application.
  • We can serve as the designated agent for foreign individual applicants.

Foreign companies

  • Foreign companies without a registered entity in China must use a locally-based trademark agency like our firm.
  • We smooth the application process for multinational companies.

Chinese registered companies

  • Companies registered in mainland China can file trademark applications directly with the CNIPA.
  • They also have the option to go through a trademark agent to facilitate the process.

China-based joint ventures

  • Joint ventures registered in mainland China, including those with partial foreign ownership, can submit applications directly or through an agent.

Chinese citizens

  • Chinese citizens with permanent residency in mainland China can submit applications directly to the CNIPA.
  • They can also authorize a trademark agency like our firm to handle the registration process on their behalf.

Other organizations

  • Certain other entities like government bodies and social groups eligible to conduct public affairs can also register trademarks pertaining to their scope of activities.

China does not recognize international trademarks, so applicants must file specifically in the mainland to gain protection. Our experienced team facilitates registration for diverse foreign and domestic entities. 

A Step-by-Step Overview of the Corporation China Registration Procedure

Securing Your Trademark Rights in China

A Step-by-Step Overview of the Corporation China Registration Procedure

Registering a trademark in China involves navigating a complex application process governed by the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). Our locally-based team guides you through the key steps:

Step 1: Trademark Search 

  • We thoroughly search CNIPA’s database to ensure no identical or confusingly similar marks are registered or pending that could block approval.
  • Tip: Be sure to search proposed Chinese transliterations to avoid overlap.

Step 2: Application Filing 

  • After confirming availability, we prepare all required forms and documentation and submit the application to CNIPA on your behalf.
  • Tip: Work with us to select the appropriate classifications to cover relevant products and services.

Step 3: Examination 

  •  CNIPA examiners assess the application over 3-6 months. We liaise with CNIPA to facilitate approval or appeal any rejection.
  • Tip: Provide us with robust evidence of existing use if rejection occurs to bolster the appeal.

    Step 4: Publication 

    • Once preliminarily approved, CNIPA publishes the mark to allow opposition. Barring objections, it proceeds to registration.
    • Tip: We monitor all publications closely and can contest oppositions on your behalf.

      Step 5: Registration

      •  Upon final approval, CNIPA issues a trademark registration certificate. We can then begin enforcing your exclusive rights over the mark.
      • Tip: Display your registration number prominently to deter infringement.

        Step 6: Renewal 

        • Trademarks must be renewed every 10 years. We handle required renewals to maintain lasting protection.
        • Tip: Mark your calendar well in advance of renewal deadlines to avoid any lapse.

            With decades of combined experience, our China team is highly versed in this process and applicable laws. We directly interface with CNIPA in Chinese to secure your trademark rights promptly and efficiently.

            Preparing Your China Trademark Application

            Required Documents and Information for trademark registration in China

            Required Documentation for WFOE Company Formation In China

            To facilitate the trademark registration process in China, the following documents and information are required:

            • Identification – Individuals need passport copies; companies need business licenses or incorporation certificates.
            • Applicant Details – Full name and contact information for the registering individual or company.
            • Mark Representation – A clear image file depicting the visual mark, meeting size specifications.
            • List of Goods/Services – The full scope of products or services that the mark will cover.
            • Classification Codes – The designated classes and subclasses corresponding to the goods/services.
            • Chinese Transliteration – A phonetic translation of the mark into Chinese characters if in English/other language.
            • Power of Attorney – Signed form authorizing us to handle registration on your behalf.

            Our team will ensure all required documents and information are prepared properly for seamless trademark application filing and approval.

            Ready to secure your brand in China

            Don’t leave your brand vulnerable. Contact Corporation China today to initiate the trademark registration process and safeguard your brand identity rights across China

            Start your business journey in China and join our community of 1,500+ clients partnering with Corporation China.

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            Frequently Asked Questions About Our Trademark Registration Services

            How long does trademark registration take in China?

            It typically takes 12-18 months from filing to obtain registration. We regularly interface with officials to expedite the process.

            Can you register the same trademark in different classes?

            Yes, you can register an identical mark in multiple classes covering your range of goods and services. Proper classification is key.

            When can I use the ® symbol with my trademark?

            You can use the ® after receiving the official registration certificate from the CNIPA. Use TM before registration.

            Are trademarks registered outside China also protected?

            No, international registrations do not carry over. You must file specifically in mainland China to gain protection.

            What is the term length for a China trademark registration?

            Trademark registrations are valid for 10 years from the approval date. Renewals must be filed to maintain protection.

            Can I register a trademark myself without an agent?

            Foreign applicants cannot self-file in China and must appoint a locally authorized trademark agency like our firm.

            What happens if my application gets rejected?

            We can file an appeal on your behalf with additional evidence of brand use. Most rejections can be overcome.

            How can I find if a trademark is taken in China?

            We search the CNIPA database to assess availability and identify conflicts to avoid rejection down the line.

            What is the cost for trademark registration through Corporation China?

            Our fees are very competitive. Please contact us directly for detailed pricing information.

            What documents do you need from me to handle registration?

            We will provide a checklist of required documents and information needed, and assist you in fulfilling those.

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